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  1. Plugin

    Small Hustler Crew News #9

    Nice written! And congratulations on your new position Apollo! Good luck, from this point on, every time you join the server people will ask you when we accept new trials and when we get new scripts. Have fun!! (yeah i didnt read this before now)
  2. Plugin

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    Added you old friend
  3. Plugin

    Small Hustler Crew News #8

    Nice work Apollo!!
  4. Plugin

    Small Hustlers News #7

    Greetings SHC Community! It's ya'boy Plugin back in the making! It's about that time during the month where its time we updated everyone about what's actually going on in our clan. We will try to post monthly if there is interresting stuff going on! Promotions First of all im proud to say we have promoted 7 SHC Trial members to full members, now full fledged members of our core of awesomeness! These are: @Rutyy - Will hopefully one day provide us with nudes! Welcome @RockZ - Christina Grimmie fanboy, welcome back into SHC! @NesoN - MVP of CW's deserve full member too @QlimaXz - Raging russian scripter(Lithuanian), absolutely deserve full member too! @ToSeR - Wannabe best hunter player, yep, you are full member now too! @Jhou - Our awesome brazillian monkey, You are full member but you should be more active!! @NoX - Master of kebab, full member Kicks We have also decided to remove some members who have been inactive for too long. We want to clarify that all kicked members have been loyal to SHC the time they were active, and have the opportunity to rejoin SHC if they wish to come back and be active again! @Anzy - Kicked for inactivy ( offered join back when he's back in active playing) @AimQ - Kicked for inactivy ( offered join back when he's back in active playing) @bloosbik - Kicked for inactivy ( offered join back when he's back in active playing) New Members In addition, after loosing a few members it's also time to add a few new people to our clan! We recently had a vote in our clan, and i'm proud to present our NEWEST trial members in SHC!! Congratulations! @PredyS @N!W4Y Finally!! A few weeks ago we also got our DD up and running again! After a very long time, we finally got a functional team to fight for Small Hustlers Crew in Destruction Derby wars! With the newly team formed with @Nahar @GGGirard @Tryhard @Rambo Latest results: SHC// vs B# SHC// vs KekZ| SHC// vs [M] SHC// vs {SB} Project Beast Die Kekze MOST Street Brothers 23.04.2017 14.04.2017 29.04.2017 30.04.2017 13 - 7 15 - 5 18 - 2 14 - 6 You can check out all the newest DD wars HERE DM Clanwar Let's not forget about our DM team either! Saturday 15.04 we had a DM clanwar against Project Beasts, and after a long and interresting match, we are proud to announce our 13 - 7 victory! Not satisfied with the result was Project Beasts, who really wanted a rematch, this will happen 13.05.2017! We wish them good luck since they will be needing in the clan war. Thanks for your time reading! Best regards SHC Leadership
  5. Plugin

    Hunter is weird sometimes

    Hahahah, everytime
  6. Plugin


    Looks just like me! Good you've learned something from me!
  7. Plugin

    Small Hustlers News #6

    Good writing Tomba! This is my final week in the military, after that i am a free man and i can finally come back to SHC full time!!
  8. Plugin

    Small Hustlers News #4

    Greetings Hustlers! It's finally the time again! To update you guys with the changes and updates that has been done to our astonishing clan so let's get right into the news. First I would like to apologize to you for the time you had to wait for the news. Since our last news, there has been huge changes in Small Hustlers Crew. Member positions Maybe you already noticed a big change in our leadership and that @Tomba120 left his position as Co-leader of SHC. It was his own decision because he no longer has much time for MTA. His last wish as Co-leader was to appoint @Burton to the new Co-leader. Everyone in the leadership agreed, and Burton has became new Co-leader. Burton is one of the few people still remaining after all these years of SHC, even in old times back in 2009 Burton was a solid member of our clan. It's about time he got a new respective role! Our most recent news from our roster change is that @danielmrxDAMN left our clan after 2 years with us. We would like to thank him for his awesome perfomance in all clan wars that we played. Two solid years with almost no clanwar losses with Daniel in our team, only once and that's our clanwar against 6s. #MRX will be always with us. Trials We decided to pick 2 new trials into our family. First guy is @Sandman, cool guy that is nolifing and cannot live without Old School maps. We picked him because we would like to open special Old School server with our old SHC scripts and we need admins for it. Our next pick was @UkF many of you know him from FFS server. He is very friendly guy and good player and very talented in hunter fights. Clan wars Marque left us months ago, so we had to pick new DM manager. We decided to pick @Apollo because he's our most active player and because he is calm during clan wars. A good replacement from old Tomba120 that is raging in every CW . We also achieved some great clanwar results this year, both in DD and DM! We played 11 DM clanwars in which we won 9 of them. We also started up a DD team, and was extremely suprised by the result of our newfounded team. We didn't expect that it will be this successful! with 130 DD clanwars we won 107 clanwars! And that's an awesome result all thanks to@'TC|Trend and @~Hemero!D~ for their great effort and skilled team! Server & scripts The recent days we had some problems with our server. Someone hacked into our development page and he was sending over 800 emails every second, our hosting's anti abusive system was turning off our server. Everything was fixed and server is running now. For the guy who made it, I got message for you; I WILL FIND YOU AND THEN... I WILL DESTROY YOU. About our server scripts, most of you know that all scripters that were in SHC left. We had long discussion in our group and we decided to pay for scripts. It was hard to search for someone but at the end we found Xiti, he's currently scripting MGM for TC clan. After he finish his work in TC, he will start scripting for us. Old School Server We have also been working on opening a 2nd server, where we will only add Old School maps. The scripts and maps are the same as were used back in 2010 before Sniper shut down SHC the first time. This will be a pure OS server, with all the old scripts and maps. Once the server is up, we are not planning to work on updating the scripts unless we feel it's necessairy or alot of people ask for it. Maps will be uploaded when we get new ones, and it is also possible to upload your map to this server if it's an old school inspired map! Plugin is currently working on getting this server up and should be possible to join early in January! New Website Last but not least we've been we've been working on a new website. It has been under development for 6 months but we've only been able to work on it during our free time and we've managed to make a pretty nice design. The new design is black and orange and currently with a christmas design. Not going to say much more and let you decide what you think when you see it for yourself. ps: It's only abit more than 3 more months until Plugin is back from the military!!! Regards SHC Leadership
  9. Only 5 months left, and i'm done in the army :D

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    Pictures of you

    Cool Cozta
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    Added Alien
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    Numbers of shirt in Football

    Kaylyn Kyle #6 canadian football player, because i have no interrest in watching pictures of men at all! And football sucks anyway
  14. Plugin

    PuppY's Join Request #2 (CLOSED)

    Why did you leave xS? Just curious