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  1.  wtf :o 

    special for shc ?  or no ? 

    look part of my map brothers and like pls 


  2. Who wants to help me in deco of my new map ? :) <3  


    i love shc 

    1. Musiic
    2. Theon!


      It is possible to try))

    3. Xavius


      If you fix an additional server then I could help. I've mapped alot in my past :o

  3. Musiic

    //*Musiic# Join Request <3

    Your nickname in the game : //*Musiic# Who you are (age / location / studies etc.) : Hey guys, my name is Tiago Batista I'm 22 years old and I live in Brasil SP How long you've been in MTA? : I started to Play Mta San Andreas in 2008 / Under the name *Musiic# i played on the server o4C| i was a clan for a while until i open one server with name [Bw] Brothers World Racing lasted 5 years was one of the best clan of Brasil so I closed because of work and stoped mta I came back in 2016 I went through some clan until I was UnG// so the server closed a few months ago , now I want something new , I've always admired this clan now I want to join. i'm mapper and i do not play bad I hope it can help you Have you been in any other clans? YES ePic! : xG| : Xtreme Gaming -sK- : Skiled UnG// : UnitGames Q1* : Quantum Singulary FFG. : Fast For Guys -PinK- Server |Tsw| : The Speed Warriors Why you'd like to join SHC? : I Would Like To Join The Members Are Very Nice, The Server is Amazing And i Have Friends in This Clan, + What gamemode do you prefer : DM/Hunter What you can add and/or contribute to the community/team : I Am Experienced in DM Hunter Can Help In Cw And i'm Know Scripting . Is there any way to contact you? Thanks for reading my Join Request And Sorry For Bad English Best Reguards: Musiic