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    Where is RockZ? @Apollo ?
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    Small Hustlers News #4

    gz new trials. <3 very nice news @Plugin
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    Join Request by LiXuZ!

    + Your nickname in the game LiXuZ + Who you are (age / location / studies etc.) My name is Fabian I am 16 years old and live in Germany Aachen - Eschweiler chill my hobbies with my friends and play PC games like Minecraft, GTA V, MTA and Combat Arms + How long you've been in MTA i am playing this game since the end of 2009. i've played DM on the server eG / Elite Gaming It was a great server for this moment. but Elite Gaming has been closed. after Elite Gaming i played a long time on other servers. at the end of 2011 i found german blue race. The server and the maps was bad but i played a long time on this server I found many friends on German Blue Race like and more. i played more as 6 months on Vio Race. CiiNeX told me try to join Mistery Race mR! after 4 months playing on Mystery Race i was in Mystery Race it was really amazing to play there after some months the clan accepted only kids so i decided to leave Mystery Race. I made my own clan called XoR Xtreme Overpowered Race I had my clan 3 months. but i closed XoR because all members was inactive. I found the server KekZ Gaming it was a loot of fun to play there. try to join KekZ. after 1 week i was accept in KekZ after some months i decided to leave KekZ because the clan was Inactive. + Why you'd like to join SHC i would like to join SHC because this clan seems to be one of the friendliest clan in this whole game +What gamemode do you prefer I do prefer DM but i can also play DD. + What you can add and/or contribute to the community/team As you may know i have a pretty good DM skills and may i can help in clanwars. I hope you enjoyed my join request Best Regards LiXuZ
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    Join Request by LiXuZ!

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    Happy birthday #Daniel#mrx

    Happy Birthday Daniel
  6. [DM]LiXuZ - V3 - Nature Chronicles Recorder: Sevarloth