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  1. PacT

    [DM]PacT ft. KarNikkl - Arcade Rush

    Thanks Rockz!
  2. PacT

    [DM]PacT ft. KarNikkl - Arcade Rush

    Thanks for the positive feedback!
  3. Hello guys.. I'd like to present a new map me and KarNikkl made and it's called Arcade Rush! Special thanks to Relax for recording. Also dont forget to subsribe to Relax!
  4. PacT


    That picture tho :3 Congratulations!
  5. The SHC on the bottom left seems just abit small, and randomly placed for me.. I'd suggest to make it bigger and better.
  6. PacT

    [DM]PacT -v7- Soldier

    Thanks for the support! :33 imao
  7. PacT

    [DM]PacT -v7- Soldier

    Hello! Today I'm here to represent my v7. Hopefully you'll like the map. Ps. Watch in HD Special thanks to RockZ for recording the map.
  8. PacT

    History of One Man

    knife to the dentist
  9. I rate this map 9/11, definetly would bang again.
  10. PacT

    [Forum Game]What is the above user known for?

    Strike: The person who is watching everyone
  11. PacT

    History of One Man

    blown up
  12. PacT


    Well, umh.. sad to see someone leaving MTA community. I want to wish good luck in your future and hopefully you'll return sometime!
  13. PacT

    MTA Memes!

    I wonder how there's still not a meme about my dots.. lmao.