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  1. ToSeR

    [DM] SM ft. ??

    I can help, nice map
  2. ToSeR

    Snack's intodruction

  3. ToSeR

    [DM] BrendaN Ft. Dean - Invincible

    I love this kind of maps, definitely better than the crap some ppl make these days...
  4. ToSeR

    Knowning Dean

    yo welcome to SHC
  5. ToSeR

    [DM] RockZ v10 - Concrete Angel 2

    Nice map bro, love it.
  6. ToSeR

    Small Hustler Crew News #9

  7. ToSeR

    Active's Introduction

    Heyo old friend welcome
  8. ToSeR

    [DM] BuDyA's -Vol 16- Dark Fantasy

    Amazing work, keep up, love your maps.
  9. ToSeR

    Awesome in Races vs Small Hustlers Crew

    Good luck both teams, may the better team win.
  10. ToSeR

    [DM] BuDyA's -Vol 15- Blackout

    It's always nice to see old mappers doing great maps till now, great map, keep up!
  11. ToSeR

    [DM] RockZ v9 - Concrete Angel

    Another cool map, gj bro.
  12. ToSeR

    2nd Logo / background?

    This looks really cool tho