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    Not really, i cant see u in list, xexe
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    Please use english format, thanks.
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    Author: Linkin Park Type of Style: Indie Rock Video:
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    Gianfraco Zola #25 #26 next
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    El Shaarawy #23 is next
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    Hei Jakob, welcome to the Small Hustlers Crew's community.Have fun, see you around
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    Making a new jigsaw film
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    MTA Nickname: AimQ* Who you are: I'm Rokas from Lithuania,19years old kid and yeah, studying Engineer, just finished 1 semester MTA experience: Umm started playing mta maybe 2009~2010 don't remember very well. But first server was called [SKC], after 1~2years finally I received driving experiences and joined clan called Bg"(Business guys).That clan was freaking awesome, all teammates was friendly and funny. After 1year Bg" closed it was pretty sad so I started looking for next clan. My search didn't took so long and after 1-2month found clan, called FNF (Fast 'n furious). I decided to join that clan and guess who? I was accepted. That clan was all about clan wars. But later clan leader decided to leave clan and clan automatically was destroyed. But i was luckily guy and 1week later i got message from Reacerr about reviewing Bg" clan again. Maybe 3months after, Reacerr changed clan name to EfE (Eye for Eye).After 'don't remember time' i left EfE or that clan closed. But luckily FNF// was revived so i didn't need time to be accepted again in that clan and I was there until my pc broke and i decided to leave mta it was 2013 autumn. So now after 3years i decided to make a comeback. Why you'd like to join SHC: Main reason why I want to join SHC will be that, cuz I like this clan very long time ago and now I wanna try to be a part of SHC. What gamemode do you prefer: Umm I prefer play only DM, but I can try to race, because sometimes I like to play in race servers. What you can add and/or contribute to the community/team: Umm, this clan have from my eyes only pluses. I can try to help all aspects if you need it. Add any other info you might see as relevant to help us decide: Before I left mta, I was map collector and I don't wanna talk big, but I had nice collection. I can try to back in that way.