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    1. Clan/Team TAG and Name : EaterzZz 2. Clan/Team color: ex. #FF0000 3. Clan/Team players list: - tomba#mrx - Rutyy - Infern_0 - Anarchy (reserve) - TBA 4. Clan/team leader skype contact: rutyy__ 5. We accept all the rules and declare that we will respect them : Yes.
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    Sveiks braliukas.
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    Nice London.
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    Master Juicer : >>
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    Yeah.. Somehow i forgot old VT times.. But, good to see you here. <3
  7. Hello, My name is Rūta. I'm 20 years old and I live in Lithuania in its capital city Vilnius where I study "Information System Implementation and Support" and it‘s my second year I have stopped playing MTA for 1 or 2 years but now I‘m back.. ;D Long time ago I played in SHC and now I'm part of this clan. I‘m very happy and proud of this ;)) I can‘t remember when I started play MTA but it was very long time ago maybe in 2009, since then I was in a lot of clans such as 3R and SMT. There were more of clans but I can‘t remember their names because it was so long ago :‘( MTA is the only game that I felt connection with and couldn‘t quit it no matter what. Maybe because it has such an amazing community. Everyone seems to be very friendly, helpful and understanding So as you can see I am studying, working and playing video games so I‘m very busy with life;D I also like to play Dota 2 <3 I can help you lose some MMR ;DD ...