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    + Your nickname in the game: PredyS + Who you are (age / location / studies etc.): My name is Matěj. I'm 18 year's old and I live in Ireland (waterford) but actually i from Czech republic.I got a dog which is called Sanny he's almost 3 year's old (shitzu). My hobbies are : Part of staying in house and masturbating kappa. My favourite hobby is playing video games,for example lol,CoD4,bo3,bf3,cs:go. Also going on a trips with friends or go outside with me dog for some walk. I also got some weaknesse that i want to share: I'm dyslexic and dysgraphic so my grammer is sometimes not that great like supposed to be so be mind of it.. and other things are in it that you can google it. + How long you've been in MTA?: My old nicknames: Pred@tor, Predy History: Well ,I started playing MTA about 5 year's ago,my first server was SMT server. I was a dd / shooter player but i got bored of both of them , then i moved to DM. I realized that it's the best game mode Clans: LxG// so many people left, so i left with them. UAG Closed. nFw Closed. + Why you'd like to join SHC?: I want to join SHC because it's time to move forward and learn some new skills and meet new people. + What gamemode do you prefer: DM + What you can add and/or contribute to the community/team: I think i'm a active player and sometimes we can have some fun on teamspeak if wanna join ofc