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  1. Your nickname in the game

    Ola amigos My nickname ZodiaK (in real Emir)

    Who you are (age / location / studies etc.)

     my name is Emir, I am 19 and i live in Izmir (Turkey).  Currently i am studying at college C:

    I'm drive in insane for Motorbike's 
    I have CBR 600RR ^.^

    How long you've been in MTA

    started playing in 2009 with freeroam servers. The first server I played was Turkish Racers Fast(TRF). I get some friends and some skills with this game. I learn LUA and Design basics.I developed myself and i train so much Hunter after i discovered FFS.

    A long time i played FFS and TG servers.

    After I have a break virtual world (Education)

    Nowadays i playing in The Favoured Few DM server

    After I have a break virtual world 
    I'm Back again guys don't worry =D

    My old Clan here

    Turkish Racers Fast [TRF] 
    Member, Server Manager

    Fast Fire Guys  FFG.

    Xtreme Skillers

    Satan of Armys  |SoA|

    Dangerous Skiller Team |DST|


    Latins Xtreme Gamers LxG//

    Xtreme Skillers xs~

    Sense of Ability SoA!
    Founder & Developer


    Why you'd like to join SHC

    I have so much brothers in SHC <3 and Qualiti Clan =) .

    What gamemode do you prefer

    DM and Hunter 

    What you can add and/or contribute to the community/team

    I can play in clanwars,Server management,Design Scripting etc:.


    My First Login panel





  2. Clan Website; soa-team.net

    Contact; skype = facebook:ghost-team


    Clan War Information:


    Clan War Type: [DD]/[DM]; [DM]

    Date: 12.08.2017

    Time: 17:00 GMT +1

    Server: SHC// Clanwar Server;

    Players: Number of Players; 5

    Maps: Number of Maps; 10

    Rounds: Number of Rounds. 20


    SHC// Small Hustlers Crew








    - (reserve)

    - (reserve)

    - (reserve)










    [SoA!] (Sense of Ability)



    -To be disscuss

    -To be disscuss

    -To be disscuss

    -To be disscuss

    -To be disscuss

    - (reserve)To be disscuss

    - (reserve)To be disscuss

    - (reserve)To be disscuss



    -To be disscuss

    -To be disscuss

    -To be disscuss

    -To be disscuss

    -To be disscuss

    Clan War DeathMatch Rules:


    - Every player from the clan is allowed to play;

    - The clan with last surviving player gets the point.

    - If no one from the team reach hunter, player who has come the farthest wins the point.

    - We may refuse a map chosen by the challenging team if it doesn't meet our requirements for a cw map. This means if a cw is strictly DM, HDM maps are allowed and vice versa.

    - In case of camping or shortcutting, a participant will be eliminated for the current round with no replacement.

    - If someone times out before the map starts, we will play the round again.

    - If someone times out while the map is running longer than 10 seconds (if he is alive), We play further;

    - If someone lags too much, he will be replaced.

    - The clanwar managers decide before starting what will happen in case of a draw (10-10 score).

    - No backshooting while getting hunter.

    - Spraying against cars is strictly forbidden !

    - In case of backshooting (previous rule) "damaged" team gets the point.

    - In case of spraying car "damaged" team gets the point.

    - The use of hunter skins isn't allowed.

    - Clan can't cancel the CW 1 day before and later.

    - If someone get killed in map-limit then we are going to set Hunter map

    - Any kind of insulting, crying, begging or flaming is going to be punished with a mute.

    - Chat silence during rounds with the exception of notifying clanwar admins of possible flaws on the current round

    - Spraying is not allowed ( You could shoot 3 shots in 5 seconds)

    - In case of higher ping or lower FPS, player is going to be replaced by reserve.

    - Maximum acceptable ping is 300.

    - Minimum acceptable Frame Per Second(FPS) is 39.


    Maps which we don't accept:


    1. Symon v7 - Deep Power Paradise - can be picked

    2. Symon v8 - Deep Power Paradise II

    3. Symon v9 - Phantom Port

    4. Symon v10 - Stranger Approaches

    5. Symon ft Naval - Deep Power Paradise III

    6. Naval ft Gus ft Symon - Needed Skill II

    7. Gus v8 - Suspense is killing me

    8. Gus v9 - Sleepwalker

    9. Moonlight ft Symon ft Andres - Le' skill

    10. Naval ft Symon ft iRenox - Place of Greed

    11. AbodyRulez ft Micra ft Andershell - Dark Skills Paradise

    12. Andershell ft Micra - Need For Skill II

    13. AbodyRulez ft TenTimes - Dark Doomsday

    14. Grox v7 - Im not creative

    15. Grox v8 - Im still not creative

    16. Brian - Brutalism

    17. Brian - track matters

    18. ShockWave v8 - Unholy Realms

    19. StiveN v3 - Amazing Driving

    20. DK ft Shondex - For Motherfucker Skills III + Fuck the crowdup 1/2

    21. DK v7 - For Motherfucker Skills 

    22. DK v10 - Future Paradise II

    23. DK v11 - Oaths

    24. DK v12 - Bastard Skills

    25. C3z!ka v13 - Without NoS

    26. Cosa_Nostra v7 - Uncommon

    27. dcoy v1

    28. dcoy v2 - Hard with style

    29. Gallardo v7 - Endless Possiblities

    30. JohnY v9 - Whistle III

    31. Kamen - An Improved Shit

    32. Kamen - First & Second Shit

    33. MoX - Silently falling III

    34. PolakMaly ft FiNN ft JasieK - All of Skills + Needle

    35. All Snake maps (Except v10)

    36. BriaN v13 - We love Skills II - can be picked

    37. CresheZ ft DizZaster - Way to Steer 1/2

    38. DC v17 - DC Collection

    39. DC v18 - Relax II

    40. DC v19 - Drift - can be picked

    41. SveteraN v7 - Source Code

    42. Sytex ft SVeteraN - Infernus Controll III

    43. Console v8 - Fallen Kingdoms

    44. All TonyxO maps

    45. TenTimes v6 - Doomsday Ending

    46. Boost ft Awesomee ft TenTimes - Booma Ye

    47. Ron1 v5 - Levels

    48. All ZinC maps, except ZinC v5

    49. Iwanator v10 - Unique Skills II

    50. Packy ft C3z!ka ft Spectrum - Falling Down II

    51. FiNN v3 - Virtual Reality

    52. FiNN ft Boost - Unbeatable Area

    53. Razor v14.5

    54. [DM]SkraXx ft. BapE - ItGMa

    55. Stiven v1, v2 and v3

    56. dcoy v3 - Hard with Style II

    57. Naval ft Nakezi - Unmatched Player

    58.Action vol.5 - Hell ExcitingSymon v9 - Phantom Port

    59.Dcoy v1 - Improve your Skills

    60.Legion v1 - Density Of Darkness

    61.HTML ft. TonyX ft. No1se - Galath'S II