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  1. Skidrow

    [TUTORIAL] dxDrawRectangle & dxDrawText..

    That's kind dude useful for mappers +
  2. Skidrow

    Small Hustlers Crew vs. National xTreme Racing

    Good luck buddies hope you will keep it clean and fun
  3. Skidrow

    [DM]RockZ ft. ??? - Concrete Angel (track)

    Seems really cool map gl with finding
  4. Skidrow

    Skidrow is here

    Yo Ti ! thanks bro ! hhh and nice @Tomba120 we don't know each other yet but seems we got stuff in common
  5. I'ma keep on singing while im burning out OG 

  6. Skidrow

    Skidrow is here

    Hello boys ( and girls?) My name Is Yakir i'm 22 years old coming from Israel.. Love to hanging out with friends and smoke good weed , I'm new here so I hope I'll fit in quickly
  7. Skidrow

    QlimaX's Introduction!

    Good player and person I've been with you once in a DG team in ffsgaming nice intro(:
  8. Skidrow


    Hello and welcome I'm new aswell (:
  9. Skidrow

    Small Hustlers News #7

    Congratulations to the new trials !
  10. Skidrow

    Skidrow's join request [DM]

    Decided to close my JR , Thank you all.