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  1. Name of Clan: Vigour Gaming Color of Tag: #FA5A10 Name of Tag: vR# Is it a real clan?: Yes Alternative proof?:
  2. Shin!

    none mod here

    This is just a simple Infernus Mod you randomly found on Google, trust me, we can do the same thing, furthermore it's useless postic em here.
  3. Shin!

    Knowning Dean

    Welcome mate.
  4. Shin!

    Find your P*rn name

    Queen Lover I still believe that my name should be "Your mom calls me daddy too"
  5. Shin!

    How well are you known?

    420,69 / 10
  6. Shin!

    Small Hustler Crew News #9

    Most delayed thread in MTA history. Jk Jk. Congratulations new trials, and well written @Apollo
  7. Shin!

    Small Hustler Crew News #8

    Congratulations to the new trials.
  8. Shin!

    PWNZ's Introduction

    Greetings SHC community, I'm PWNZ, and this is my introduction, hope you enjoy it. Who am I? My real name is, Alin, and I’m currently 18 years old, from Romania and living in Greece, Santorini. I see MTA as a way to escape from reality, and allow me to keep myself busy. I like to spend most of my time on games, being around people I can trust, and help me forget about my real life problems, such as my past. I really enjoy listening to music while I am not playing MTA, as it helps me also take off my mind off things, and is quite stress relieving. I used to enjoy playing football when I was 9 years old, but stopped due to laziness, which made me get into a really bad habit of smoking, drinking making me pull away from some of my favourite sports. I can be lazy sometimes, but I am quite dedicated in what I do. Clans i've been: 3R - 3lite Racers #MvP - #Most valuable Players FZ - FuriouZ Gaming 7si - Seven Sins nTL - Nothing to Lose St. - Saints Gaming And currently, I own a clan called FTW Gaming, I guess sharing the website, it's not allowed, so telling you the name it's enough. Where you can meet me? I usually play in tff, or on my clan's server. How I found your community? Well, I know this community for like 2 months now, I just saw few players with your tag, and I searched a lil bit about it, and here I am, and also a old team-mate of mine, @ToSeR, is your member ( surprised how he's not trial ). What am I good at? I'm a graphic designer, I enjoy making different designs, from banners, to login panels and mgm lobbies. I'm also learning how to script. I'm a Deathmatch player, at a good level, can't call myself professional, but I'm doing well. Something to add? I'd like to apologize for my English, I might did some mistakes, but meh. If you got any kind of questions, go ahead.