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  1. Exii.

    Small Hustler Crew News #10

    Thanks guys, i really appreciate it!
  2. Exii.

    How well are you known?

    #sadlife ;(
  3. Exii.

    Three Letters

    TES= Touching Electro Shocks QED
  4. Exii.

    Your rank in CS:GO :)

    I dont want a rank to but for now im, Silver Elite
  5. Exii.

    Your favourite games

    MTA CSGO Paladins Of Realm Crossfire Europe
  6. Exii.

    Name Game ;)

    Arthur, Next name should start with ''Q''
  7. Exii.

    Numbers of shirt in Football

    Hulk #19 #20 is next.
  8. Exii.

    History of One Man

    Decided to suicide
  9. Exii.

    [Forum Game]What is the above user known for?

    Qlimaxz: Known as a hunter beast
  10. Exii.

    Find your P*rn name

    Monster Slurper
  11. Exii.

    Your Name In Japanese

    RiNKAMEKAARiRiKi = Makashi
  12. Exii.

    Small Hustler Crew News #9

    Well written @Apollo, and congratz for the new trials!
  13. Exii.

    [DM]Makashi's joinrequest.

    + Your nickname in the game : My in-game name is Makashi# + Who you are (age / location / studies etc.) : I am Berkan and I am fifteen years old. I live in the Netherlands, Zaandam to be more specific, and I would like to work in the IT sector, because it is my dream. Right now I am trying to take a IT course in school. I have always had an interest in gaming, including Multi Theft Auto. I love playing RPG and Race DM in it. Although I live in the Netherlands, I share two nationalities, which are Turkish and Dutch. + How long you've been in MTA? : I have been playing MTA for 5 years now. + Why you'd like to join SHC? : I would like to join SHC, because I have many friends in the clan. Furthermore, I believe that SHC is a very fun, skilled clan which can give me the opportunity to train myself more in DM. Besides, I see SHC as a family and I observed that they respect each other a lot. And finally, I would like to challenge myself by joining this clan. + What gamemode do you prefer : Like I answered in my previous question, I would like to train myself more in DM, so the gamemode I would prefer is of course DM. However, I believe I am much better in shooter than DM right now, because I have been playing it more and thus I've got more experience in it. Yet I prefer to play DM. + What you can add and/or contribute to the community/team : I think I can contribute a lot to the community/team. First and foremost, I would offer my good attitude. Lets go deeper in it. I am very tolerant to people. I respect every background and try to learn about them so I know how to start a conversation with people from different backgrounds. Also, I am very mature, perhaps too mature for my age. That does not mean that I cannot take a joke though. The other thing that I would offer is my activity. I try my best to be online as much as possible. Finally, I offer my DM skills. + Well i forgot to add my old clans in my application sorry for that but here bellow i will name them: xS (Xtreme Skillers) 05 (Omnidirectional Five) nTL (Nothing To Lose) fD (Fast Drivers) KOr (KnockOut Racers) fTL (Faster Than Light) 3R (3lite Racers) 4iM (For Incredible Motions) iNR (International Riders) Thanks for reading my joinrequest, Kind regards, Makashi#