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  1. Hack

    Clan/Team Registrations & Tournament maplist

    1. Clan/Team TAG and Name : North *43* 2. Clan/Team color: #1d1d1d 3. Clan/Team players list: - Hack - Bazooka - Iproshoot - Silver (reserve) - Flame (reserve) 4. Clan/team leader skype contact: ahmed_2013_max 5. We accept all the rules and declare that we will respect them : Yes.
  2. Happy bday @Matrex And enjoy your day.
  3. Hack

    Hack# - v1 - Oldschool Style

    Hey guys! Today l would like to introduce You "Oldschool Style" Information • Additional Information: ▷• LED LiGHTS ReqPack v2 by NitroN ▷• Infernus vM1cra v5 NoPlate ▷• Version: 2.0 ▷• Song used: ▷• RÜFÜS - Innerbloom (TWO LANES Remix) ▷•Want me to record your map? Contact Skype: serewja1 ▷•Recorded - Dark#
  4. Hack

    Tournament Panel - Any Update v1

    Tournament Panel v2 - New Background - New Shape - Logo Team - Team Color - Color Win & Color Lose any idea more?
  5. Hack

    Tournament Panel - Any Update v1

    Hey guys I want make new look for this v1 i want make v2 better Any idea?
  6. First of all I want to talk today about my brother,my friend,I lived with him the best days and the worst,we entered first official clan for us,we lived a lot of funny moment,Words can not express my love for you,lets end this without drama

    happy birthday to my lovley hack:wub:

    wish you good live,good luck in your university and your real life


    1. Hack


      omg :wub:

      ty my #best_friend


  7. Hack

    Simple idea : Location "Flag"

    Sure u can send me pm or discord "Hack|MTA#4206" or skype "ahmed_2013_max"
  8. Hack

    Simple idea : Location "Flag"

    hey guys i hope good day to all its first idea for me here it's so simple idea and wonderful change Location "name" to Location "icon or png" like Thanks for your attention, Regards, Hack.
  9. Hack

    Find your P*rn name

    Baby Spanker
  10. Hack

    [DM-DD] Hack's Join Request

    Hack's Join Request + Your nickname in the game : - in game is Hack + Who you are (age / location / studies etc.) : - My name is Ahmed, I'm from Egypt, I am 18 years. 3days left i'll be 19 years, i'm Web Developer and Designer etc + How long you've been in MTA? (Here you should tell us about your past clans and add a small resume about your history in this game) : - 4 years - Red Project now "Infernal Edge" - I started to play MTA at the end of 2014, at the beginning I couldn't find the meaning of the game, I tried my luck in a lot of game-modes, until I discovered Shooter - DM - DD , in that moment it seemed to be a competitive game and which it could be on my reach, with dedication and effort. Gradually I started to improve my skills, which it took me quite some time to improve in the game and get a decent standard .I have been playing mta for 7 years now. but sometimes I visit other dm or Shooter or DD servers to watch clanwars, train maps or talk with players. Hack's Join Request + Why you'd like to join SHC? : - Well, that really is a good question to be asked right now,first. I mainly like the atmosphere in-game. I've been less active in the past few weeks, due to other responsibilities I had to sort out, but whenever I found time to play I got greeted with the same atmosphere that I've admired since I started playing there I would like to join this team because I've always wanted to be a part of it since I started playing here. I spent so much time on this mta and I've enjoyed playing all the time so I would like to make another big step and try to join the team, I would also be helpful as a CW manager, multitasking manager, event manager, mapper or referee/organizator of CWs,Tournament,Championships (I was referee of many DM/Shooter/DD/WFF Clanwars) finally I can contribute to the clan by my good game in DD. I can also help you with Shooter/DM/WFF/DD/OS Clanwars, I would be monitoring the game-play to make sure it's fun and smooth, without problems. Whenever a player needs my assistance, I'll be ready to assist him. I can also participate in clan-wars. I am mapping from time to time but I am a good mapper, I must improve my skills.I am good in the technical domain and I'd be able to help, In my opinion, the essence key of "Small Hustlers Crew" is to be mature in every aspect, and that's just to start off. Having a high English level is required, knowing how to manage Reports/Unban Requests, and how to collaborate with the community in general, I am expecting a serious clan, with communicative and friendly members, focused in creating an amazing community, which certainly will be one of the greatest ones in the whole MTA : SA . Hack's Join Request + What gamemodes do you prefer : - DD and DM and OS and Shooter and Hunter Hack's Join Request + What you can add and/or contribute to the community/team : - i can help all in mapping cuz i have alot of Experience in mapping and scripiting i will be very useful in this things - i'm designer and started to learn on 3d max and started to make some objects - about cw's i was a shooter and os player but i I started training on dm and i love it so i have some skilled so i think i can help in cw's - I think that I've got some driving skills and of course i'm not the best in driving but i'm improving, I can make maps and my skills in mapping are improving and none was born to be professional , I can help keeping the server clean from Spammers/insulters and I can help you testing maps . - I am a person who has changed a lot, but MTA helped me a lot in this, I adore this server a lot, I want to learn many things still here, but I want to help the younger ones in the MTA, not to do the wrong things, Of the admins, I want to learn from everyone who is joining the clan, and I want to help myself for very specific reasons like admiration, gameplay, and pleasure . - some of my works used 3d max Link - some of my works used Illustrator ft. Photoshop Link Hack's Join Request