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  1. Fastcola

    Name Game ;)

    William, Next name should start with "H" ! ;p
  2. Fastcola

    Dangerous Plugin

    No Smile? haha ;p btw nice to see that you'll doing great in the army, goodluck in the future and have fun in there ^^
  3. Fastcola


    Got one for you all !
  4. Fastcola

    Former Members

    There are more in Former Members that left as trial than only FoundeR I've see ;p
  5. Fastcola

    Welcome 2016 !

    Seems to be that btw Happy New Year
  6. Fastcola

    Name Game ;)

    Fiona, Next name shall start with "Y" ;)
  7. Fastcola

    Former Members

    What about me ?
  8. Fastcola

    Join Request by LiXuZ!

  9. Fastcola

    See you again :))

    (@PrAkeR, I don't think he mean leave shc, he said that he take a break from the game Anyway good luck with the reallife Come back when you feel for it SHC//BurtoN+:P
  10. Fastcola

    Happy birthday #Daniel#mrx

    Happy Birthday SHC//daniel#mrx! Hope You'll got a awesome day today !
  11. Fastcola

    Name Game ;)

    Lucy next name will begin with "F"
  12. Fastcola

    XavZ 4 SHC

  13. Fastcola

    Fastcola got a bad pc :/

    ( Write from phone ) Hey guys i will be probably inactive cause of my pc what won't work anymore I'm trying fixing it So I hope to be back so soon as possible Don't forget me guys and take care
  14. Fastcola

    Mappers of Past and present

    Past: - PAwlo - DopeR - Tete - Xzibit Present: - Scar - SazukE - Spectrum - Freezon3