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  1. Active's Introduction

    My name is Jakob. ingame Active. I'm 20 years old. I was born at 21.09.1996. I was born in Russian Federation and i'am currently living in Germany. I play MTA since 2012 or 2013 (I'm not sure) and played on TG and Neon Race. Later I joined my first clan "7S", and leaded the server after a while. One Year later 7S died, because we have lost a lot of members. After that I tried to open more servers/clans like BsR or aG// with my best friends Broky and Norbex. But every Server just were online one year... So, well after aG died, At the same time I was playing in the fH server and joined the clan I played .Everything was good and all played on the server but after a while the server become inactive and players began to leave the clan, After I left the clan, And then I started to play on TfB server. At first it was fun and I'm really wanted to get into this clan. I wrote an application and after 1-2 months I was accepted, I was very happy . Everything was good and all played on the server but after a while the clan become was closed ,And after that I played on DG and was invited into clan as co leader and 2016 the clan was reopened and I became co leader and after a time Leader of Divinity Gamers I was still in more clans like SoR!,EsR!,>ViP<
  2. 5S team requests

    1) Name of Clan (Extensive): Five Skills 2) Name of Tag: /5S 3) Color of Tag: # 339999 4) Is it a real clan? Yes, http://five-skills.com/
  3. Active's Join Request

  4. Birthday day!!

    Happy Birthday Aseem
  5. very nice
  6. Mapping Scripts

    np Refresh
  7. Mapping Scripts

    no problem Good Luck whit your v1
  8. Mapping Scripts

    np inter
  9. Active's Join Request

    thx Sharkz xD
  10. Join Request Voltime

    Black Scorpion Racer Invent NorbeX Broky Voltime my owner clan xD
  11. Join Request Voltime

    Good Luck BsR my old owner clan xD
  12. Hustlers News!

    very nice job all SHC members
  13. Mapping Scripts

    NP SK
  14. Mapping Scripts

    guys np call me i have more
  15. [Forum Game]What is the above user known for?

    EM1N3M is Good Mapper