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  1. #Active

    Active's Introduction

    My name is Jakob. ingame Active. I'm 20 years old. I was born at 21.09.1996. I was born in Russian Federation and i'am currently living in Germany. I play MTA since 2012 or 2013 (I'm not sure) and played on TG and Neon Race. Later I joined my first clan "7S", and leaded the server after a while. One Year later 7S died, because we have lost a lot of members. After that I tried to open more servers/clans like BsR or aG// with my best friends Broky and Norbex. But every Server just were online one year... So, well after aG died, At the same time I was playing in the fH server and joined the clan I played .Everything was good and all played on the server but after a while the server become inactive and players began to leave the clan, After I left the clan, And then I started to play on TfB server. At first it was fun and I'm really wanted to get into this clan. I wrote an application and after 1-2 months I was accepted, I was very happy . Everything was good and all played on the server but after a while the clan become was closed ,And after that I played on DG and was invited into clan as co leader and 2016 the clan was reopened and I became co leader and after a time Leader of Divinity Gamers I was still in more clans like SoR!,EsR!,>ViP<
  2. #Active

    5S team requests

    1) Name of Clan (Extensive): Five Skills 2) Name of Tag: /5S 3) Color of Tag: # 339999 4) Is it a real clan? Yes, http://five-skills.com/
  3. #Active

    Active's Join Request

  4. #Active

    Birthday day!!

    Happy Birthday Aseem
  5. very nice
  6. #Active

    Mapping Scripts

    np Refresh
  7. #Active

    Mapping Scripts

    no problem Good Luck whit your v1
  8. #Active

    Mapping Scripts

    np inter
  9. #Active

    Active's Join Request

    thx Sharkz xD
  10. #Active

    Join Request Voltime

    Black Scorpion Racer Invent NorbeX Broky Voltime my owner clan xD
  11. #Active

    Join Request Voltime

    Good Luck BsR my old owner clan xD
  12. #Active

    Hustlers News!

    very nice job all SHC members
  13. #Active

    Mapping Scripts

    NP SK
  14. #Active

    Mapping Scripts

    guys np call me i have more
  15. #Active

    [Forum Game]What is the above user known for?

    EM1N3M is Good Mapper