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  4. I am proud to present my SHC join request v2.0! My Nickname in game and why I have it- Currently my nickname in MTA is LiGhT^. My nickname has evolved over time when I first started MTA in 2010 my name was LiGhTnInG and as I went along I found my name hard to fit color codes into my name. Therefore I became LiGhT^ and that is a name I have stuck with and will probably be the name I will have for the rest of my MTA life. Who I am (My Age,Location,My current studies)- My real name is Daniel and I'm from Manchester in the UK. I was born on 13.05.1999 in the UK. I am a fun, kind of guy who enjoys sports (especially rugby) and I also love Video games. I currently only have an xbox one which I play on very rarely as I enjoy PC gaming much more. At the moment I am very active usually playing 3-5 hours on a weekday and around 5-9 hours on a weekend. I am in my opinion very active so I do not think activity will be a problem when it comes to SHC. Also i'm a very determined guy hence I'm making a second join request as I will not give up on such an amazing thing so easily. At the moment I have a few exams to take care of but they never get in the way of my MTA life as I will not let them. MTA is a way of escaping from the high amounts of stress my exams cause so exams don't mean inactivity for me! What is your MTA life like? How long have you played MTA? The first server I ever joined was [XP] and it was a freeroam server which I really enjoyed playing however, I stopped playing there as I found a server called Wio//. Wio// was a race server, that is where I found my love for the [DM] gamemode I also met many german pros as it was a german server and its also the server where me and Voltime played together for the first time! I went on in MTA life to play in another server called nFs| (Need For Speed) where I met many kind people and first started being able to enjoy [DM] with a decent skill set. I then went on the play a server called HoT| which was another pro server with many kind and cool people in the server. Next, I went on to play a server called -[uG]- (Undercover Gamers) and this was one of my favorite servers ever in MTA! -[uG]- is the place I met Viper and another Norwegian guy called Panda who where 'I suppose' my first MTA friends. After -[uG]- Shut down I had an inactivity spike for a full year. When I came back from inactivity I played shooter in -ffs- for about a month but then I found SHC . I have actually played MTA for 3 years however I had a years inactivity spike as I said my, my inactivity spike was in 2014 meaning I have played MTA for 3 years (2010-2013). The reason I quit MTA was beacuse of the high amounts of lag I was getting on my old PC however I am back to MTA as active as ever with a new PC and i'm now loving it. #DahMTAGrind Why would you like to join SHC?- Firstly I love SHC, I love the server and the people in it. Everyone in SHC is so kind and such happy people. SHC has great respect in the MTA community and I would like help to greater the respect people have for SHC by being a kind and understanding person and helping people. What Can you contribute to SHC- I will always love SHC and I will never give up on it. If I where to get the oppertunity to join the team I would stick with it through thick and thin and overall I will never give up on SHC. Mainly I will contribute my time to SHC in server and in forum just as I have been doing for these past months. I would also be more than happy to partake in clan wars to help SHC. Also I'm always open to change and any role you need me to play in SHC I will be more than happy to do it. Any way I can help SHC I will! Past clans! nFs|LiGhTnInG HoT|LiGhTnInG -[uG]-LiGhT Thank you for taking your time to read my SHC join request. If you have any further questions feel free to ask! Thanks LiGhT^ My Skype is: lightning3210
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