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    Numbers of shirt in Football

    Gerard Piqué 3#
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  3. High ping, that could be why nobody from europe would to play versus latin clans?
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    Name Game ;)

    Ximena, next name should be start with "Ñ" (joke , "Q")
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    MTA Memes!

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    Music for life <3

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    Small Hustlers News #3

    Nice to hear what leaders thinks about new trials and I, keep going SHC <3
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    How well are you known?

  9. AlvarO

    How well are you known?

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    Find your P*rn name

    Sweet Squealer
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    Your Name In Japanese

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    AlvarO's Join request

    Your nickname in the game: My ingame name is "AlvarO", but in real life just make a little difference, Álvaro. Who are you (age / location / studies etc.) As i said before, my real name is Álvaro, Im 14 years olds but soon I'll be 15, because my birthday is dated on 15th August. I actually live in a small city of Seville called Santiponce, it is a really relaxed place behind the countryside of seville, we have a forest behind the river of Seville called "Guadalquivir". I actually study but thankfully the highschool has end! In a future I'd study "Informatics Engineering" in Seville's university, I actually can script too because last year my uncle teached me to develop some scripts in java coding, I really enjoyed on it so I keep learning and days later I started to script in Lua (MTA:SA Coding). How long you've been in MTA I started to play long time ago, when I was 9, my parents made me a gift which it was a laptop, my cousin showed me MTA, I liked it a lot and he downloaded it on my new laptop. I started to play in the gamemode called "Play or Freeroam", it was really cool, but suddenly one day I discovered a server called XPG (Xtreme Pro Gamers) a latin clan where I made a lot of really good friends. After it discovered a server called ~TS~ (Twin Stars) where I tried my first join request, but sadly I wasn't accepted, some weeks later I had invited to a clan called aF// (Amazing Forces) because the leader was a really good friend of mine and I think I had the enough skills for make the clan has a good atmosphere after 4 months the clan die becuase my friend started the university and he havn't the enough time for lead the clan. A lot of time later, maybe 1 year and a half I joined RoH// (Riders of Hearth) where I made probably the best friend of my MTA carrer, Asus a.K.a (\rsilex, he teached me more Lua scripting and the differents behavior that a play should has, if I will be famous, is because him. ( #NoHomo) Sadly some months later, like 8-9, the clan closed because there wasn't the enought activity for as least have 10 players in our server, after this I was clanless too, but Asus asked me some months laters to reopen it, and make a new generation of gaming for RoH but not was completely good, because all the team mates again wans't actives and all the work was made by Asus a few more guys and me. Again the clan was closed but Asus bring me a new invitation for Emp// (Elite Master Players) which Vetor3x wanted him for scripting and a few more guys to let the clan go with a smooth rythm. There is where I started to develop a lot my skills, some guys like NesoN teached me to play hunter, I knew a lot of guys like PiKa, Michael, Vetor3x... whose momentum was incredible, they were everytime positive and funny too, but Vetor3x decided to leave MTA and close the clan. There I tried to join SHC// for first time with Asus but, he got accepted and I didn't, sincerily I always liked SHC//, Tomba is doing a good job with the leadership and the clan organisation (I'm not ass licking). But in this moment I decided to leave MTA and center on my joining to the highschool, this made a very interesting change in my real life, I had invited to the basketball team of Seville, my parents gave me a better computer, and many things else, I never though that study would make it. As i said after leaving Emp, I knew to Mystic, who invited me to EsR (Empire Street Riders) there I made again many friends and I joined here as main CW player and scripter, but I decided to leave some time later because the clan atmosphere wasn't going really good (many fights with me), actually I'm still speaking with Mystic and asking him how EsR is going. After this I took a break of a half year and returned to MTA, but suddenly I heard that PiA reopened the clan and I would like to join so I talked with Reflex for if I could join and successfully I joined but I made the biggest fail of my life, a thing that I'll not never forget, share internal datas to external players, I shared the new members votes and I got kicked by Reflex, there I end the best period of my life, a clan which is amazing and it awesome, it has a really good people inside of it, maybe the can't be the best at DM or Hunter, but they are really friendly and that's what I love PiA, but that dosn't matter, life goes on. And now I'm here trying to join SHC. Why you'd like to join SHC I really like this clan because of the good known players of the clan, I like the behaviour which Tomba takes, the excellent atmosphere and of course, the server and forum design and their great ease. What gamemode do you prefer I really prefer DM but if it's necessary I can play DD and Shooter, gamemodes where I find unconcerned. What you can add and/or contribute to the community/team I can help the clan with scripting, but I wont do it mainly I wanna be part of the DM squad, also I can moderate in forum, I'm actually having free time because of summer and I'd like to do something and don't be still. THANKS GUYS FOR READING MY JOIN REQUEST AND LET'S HOPE I GET ACCEPTED BEST REGARDS, ALVARO
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    Register for Hunter Tournament

    Your Nickname In-game (without your clan tag) : AlvarO Your Skype : lalvariko Which day you prefer to play : Weekends; saturday-sunday.
  14. AlvarO

    Delete please..

    Good luck ^-^
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    Lixie JR!

    GL bro :3333