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Found 1 result

  1. SHC Racing v2.0 Dear SHC community. 2015(Welcome to a New Year!) A new year has began, and before you read any further, we thank you for all the time you spent with us in Small Hustlers Crew, and we wish you a happy new year! Let's start As you may have heard, we are working on new version(multigamemode) for our main server. It's time we released some information about it! Let's start! Login Primarily, Our login system has finished. It looks like this; Lobby The lobby system is finished (NOTE: Background image can be changed), here is a screenshoot; SHC Radio system We also did a SHC Radio system. You can upload your favorite music to the server and listen to them while you are playing in our server! if you want to upload your favorite music, click the link below. WARN: Please follow the examples,otherwise your favorite music will be deleted!; REMOVED LINK![ Our Radio Manager will only upload ] NOTE: Do you want to upload your favourite song ? Contact our Radio manager! let's move on to some screenshots. Radio system window( Toggle key 'F7' ); Meanwhile there is a music notification window, If a song is started, the radio will display a notification looking like this; Arenas We have completed 4/6 of the arenas (Deathmatch, OldSchool, Destruction Derby, Hunter) We are currently working on (Race,Shooter) arena. Here is an example screenshot. Userpanel We are still working on the userpanel and we can't show an example picture of the user panel just yet. But it will come soon! Key F1; Lobby open/close F2; Vehicle fade/normal F3; Vehicle hidden/visible F4; Currently played music info F5; Toptimes (Deathmatch & OldSchool) F6; Currently played map info F7; Radio window F8; Console F9; Nothing yet F10; Nothing yet F11; Gta map on/off F12; Capture screenshot U; Userpanel C; Anti-Bounce ENTER; Training So just wait, Soon we will come back with a brand new server! For questions and comments, contact (Skype: aslanxkral27) Call it a day, cya Best Regards SHC Racing Leadership