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Found 9 results

  1. comming soon [DM]Jackmartinez Ft. Sandman~# - ?????
  2. Sandman

    Join Request - Sandman

    Hi all. My Nick is: Sandman My name is Carlos Brito, from Venezuela, i study Engineering in Informatica. I have a lot of time playing mta over 10 years,I was absent 3 years by problems but I have already become Shc when I played many years ago it was some of the best teams that had and currently for my it is and that is why I would like to enter into this team i like OS OldSchool Now here is an interesting question, not only for you but also to me, what can i do for the team...well first of all if i end getting into the team i will look to help in what i can and everywhere, the most thing i might be usefull is playing in the server, cw's, and keeping the community into the server following every rule, but this ain't the only thing i can be usefull, i've allways wanted to learn lua and i can tell that i'm a small scripter, but attention! with small i mean that i'm still shit, i've only made a login panel with help of a friend but it is a pretty basic login, i'm also a mapper and i have some design ideas, not a professional but i can pull some stuff out. ATT: Sandman
  3. VeXaRe

    MTA BW Montage 9 ;D

    i hope you like it, and enjoy it ^^ >
  4. Yo guys! I'm glad to present you my last ft. map called Sweet Sunset, made with my friends CresheZ and MeH. Hope you like it! (: > Special thanks to ReazZonTV
  5. Join Request - Voltime Your nickname in the game: Current and past : Voltime, NNiF, ACeThundeR, ToXiC. Are you a mapper?: Yes, I have mapped for 3+ years with player(s) such as: NobeuS, Laksh, Subvive, SebaN, LUG, Never, Conquer etc. The maps haven't yet been completed as I either didn't approve or didn't have the time. I recently completed the map: [DM] Voltime - For the love of Shrekt, this map was an expression for my love for Rage's shrekt series. I can actually map at a very high standard in both track and decoration which in my opinion wasn't shown in the 'Shrekt map' due to it being a mimic in style of Rage. Hopefully I will soon be releasing some new maps and fts soon and upload them in SHC 2.0. Who you are (age / location / studies etc.): Hello, my name is Owen and I'm 14 years of age. I currently study in Art and Graphics Design; I also take the time to record in my YouTube channel and hopefully over time it will grow and grow. Whenever I can I play in the Small Hustlers Crew community to give out an impression, the formality and honesty in which I speak is to prove my commitment and maturity within the server. In my spare time I also work out and one of my other hobbies out of living on the SHC server is sprinting, I currently run the 100m sprint at a time of 12.22 seconds, just a little fact about me. How long you've been in MTA: Iv'e played Multi Theft Auto for a total of 7 years ( 2008 - 2015 ), which is half of my life and Iv'e played DM for 5 if I'm correct. So to get started my career in the MTA Community initiated back in a version of MTA which I seem to remember as 1.0 DP2.3 where I remember many betas and bugs however after the release of 1.0.1 etc. we where introduced to basic gamemodes and eventually deathmatch. The first server that I remember playing that had a respectable community was a server named mR| Team Gaming; shortly after playing this server I was welcomed into the clan with the nickname mR|ACeThundeR, I had moderator and was labelled server recruiter. In mR| Team the leaders where TurboCow, Monster and killsomebody, if I'm not mistaken I believe mR|MonsteR The next meaningful event was in a server named Wio Deathmatch, this was the server in which I played with the player currently known to be 'LiGhT' however then was known as LiGhTnInG. Although we played for a respectable amount of time neither of us where welcomed into the clan as being English meant not being able to join the clan, the server was German therefore the members where also. The server died so as a consequence of this event I moved on to find a new community, a new server. To follow I was welcomed into the nFS| community where I met the player known as 'PaRaNoID' who I became close friends with and once again after months of activity welcomed me into the clan. The nFS clan required skills above or equal to other clans of the time as we made active clanwars although I can't recall of such events due to personal circumstances I was faced around that time. Now I found the server named -[OP]- in which I met the 2 leaders: Shokkz and WW (WhiteWarrior). The two players welcomed me and gave me some competition and aspiration to the skill I wished to achieve in the future, I was also joined in OP by LiGhTnInG, Kamen, Mati_POL and PaRaNoID. To conclude the early stages of my MTA life I started to explore other areas of the game finding [XP] - Xtreme Players 24/7 Freeroam where I met many friends who I still speak to today and this server will never leave my memory as it had a number of nice scripts and a respectful community as did many other servers I found. I have a number of clans in which I have to mention however I'm sure you now have a basic idea of my MTA early career. Why you'd like to join SHC: I really enjoy my time in the server and have huge respect for SHC's Staff section, hopefully I could help maintain the servers high standards and with my social skills try to attract new player(s) to the server to have a great time with the current community. I have administrated in many clans and took position as most categories somewhere along my journey through MTA: Member, Mapper, Designer, Co-Leader, Leader. I hope to take advantage of those skills in server. I also enjoy my time with your staff as before hand I already knew some members due to my experience throughout MTA I have gained some recognition mainly with the nickname 'Voltime'. What you can add and/or contribute to the community/team: As I have already stated, I respect the SHC// staff profoundly and to be part of such a great team knowing it's history would just be amazing. I'd love to add it to my list of past clan(s) including: aR// UG -[OP]- HoT nFS| BsR mR| pR// and AMG. I can help the team with my administrative skills as mentioned in the 'Why you'd like to join SHC' tab and also I can help out with new ideas and recruit for the team, I have many contacts from my many years in MTA therefore if there's anything the team needed there's a high chance I'll know someone who could help out or if possible I will help out when I can. Thanks, Voltime
  6. Watch it in 720p 60 fps ^^ enjoy it. >
  7. Just an simple stunt ^^ Watch it in 720p 60 fps.
  8. My current In game nickname is *FataL<~ I'm Josef. I'm a Boy and 15 Years old. I live in the south of Germany and visiting the grade 9 (School) I'm already playing 2 Years MTA. I want to join SHC because you Guys are really friendly, It's an awesome atmosphere at the SHC Server and the Scripts are really awesome. I got Administration experience. When I was in -rG- I had the rank "Leader" and I managed the recruiting, but before I got the rank "Leader", I was the "Clan War- Manager" so I can also help in these things. I have also pretty good DM and Hunter Skills. If you want to know more about me, you can look here Probably some of you Guys care about it so here is my MTA Story. When I started with the GTA Online-Mode "MTA" I started with Role-play Servers, but after a while I got bored of all this things. So I searched some other Servers and found my 1st MTA Race DM Server, the Server was called " DSR" I played there with some friends of mine, but after 2-3 Months they closed. So we had o search another Server and I found one. This Server was called "xR - Xeraton Race" It was a German Race Clan and I played there for ~ 6Months but this Clan also closed and I had again to search another Clan. So I found a friend of mine, called "SiicK" and we played at "uR" We had a lot of fun together so I joined his Clan. We played there a lot and there started my "racer revolution" My Skills grown up and I got better and better. After a while I started to map. I was also in this Clan ~6Months in, but I left because we had a fight between me and the Clan. So I had to search again another Clan and I met the nice Guy "PawN" and we re-opened the Clan *7S* but we closed it after 2 Weeks because of some private reasons. Then I found the Clan "#RG|" which was found by "Freeze" I played there really active and I wrote a Join Request for the Clan and I got accepted. I made there really nice friends, like "Mozey", "MarVeL", "Freeze", "LighT" and more. But this Clan closed after one month since I joined. So I had again to search another Clan and I got invited into the Clan "nG" by a friend of mine. This Clan also closed because the Founder left. And then I found the Clan -rG- I loved the atmosphere there and played really active there, after few days I wrote a Join Request and after 2Months I got finally accepted. I met there awesome/incredible players like "Snake", "VenoM", "GhosT", "Didier", "DreaM", PheniaN", "powerPC", "Flame" and much more. But well, after ~6-7Months I got really bored, the Server was dead and the Forum was also dead. It was really hard for me to leave the Clan because It was like my 2nd family. but I couldn't stay, while I was thinking about leaving, "Rage#" told me that I should check the "SHC" Forum. I did it of course and I was really surprised. It is an awesome Forum with active players and members so I felt in love. So after I left rG, I will try to join SHC// Thanks for reading my Join Request! I hope you liked it and my grammar isn't that bad.