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Found 4 results

  1. Website (optional): Clan War Type: Deathmatch Date and time: Saturday, 08.07.17 - 18:00 Hrs. GMT +1 Server: Latins Xtreme Gammers Maps: 10 Rounds: 20 Players: 5 vs 5 Skype (CW Manager's Skype): xxgeraxx Referees: Clan Name: Small Hustlers Crew Clan Tag: SHC// Clan's Informations Latin´s Xtreme Gammers (LxG//) Maps • Osnet - Focus • Moonlight ft Quantum - The Reflection • Packy v12 - Conspiration • D0GGy ft. sYKu - Sincere • FakeDeath v6 - Speed Run II Players • BonBom • iNzekT0 • ALAMM • C4rL • ShedeX Small Hustlers Crew ( SHC// ) Maps • Royce - Unsurpassed • Exoria v1 - Think Twice • TulioTC FT. SebaS - Hot Summer II • NitroN ft. Sealine - Impel Down [FIXED] • KeNDo v5 - Smiling Players • GanzoA9 • tomba#mrx • Athenian • founder#trw • NesoN Reserves • Darkezi • CarlosG7 Basic rules: 1. A clan With last surviving player gets the point. 2. If no one from the Both Teams Reaches the hunter, a player Who has came the farthest wins the point. 3. Everyone from each clan is Able to Participate (if the exact amount of players for each clan is not Chosen). 4. You can change players During the cw, but You have to start with 5 players in the team every map. 5. In case of short cutting, the player will be eliminated blow. 6. If someone (Who is in the main team of the clan) times out before the round is started, we restart the round. 7. If someone (Who is in the main team of the clan) times out while the map is running (and if I is alive), we continue playing. 8. If after all the main rounds, Both teams have an equal amount of points (draw), it will be decided cw Between the leaders or manager, if played map hunter or two random maps. 9. allowed to carry 2 referee. 10. Hunter is all vs all. 11. After the count of five seconds can play the round of hunter. 12. Backshooting is allowed "after the count." 13. Maximum shoot 3. 14. Spraying is not allowed. 15. Hunter fights will be played in a closed map. 16. say only allowed to speak to the manager and referee cw leaders, Those Who Are Not Able to speak in say, will Have a penalty of 5 minutes. 17. We can denied any map That does not meet our standards. 18. Any kind of insulting, begging or flaming is going to be punished with a permanent mute. 19. The max ping of a player is 320 (as max.). 20. The minimum, constant FPS of a player is 42. 21. Skipping nitro and repair useless pickups is allowed.(skip vehiclechange is not allowed) 22. Waiting for nitro is allowed. 23. Backdriving for nitro / repair is allowed. 24. With Destroying vehicles hunter is allowed. In This case, spraying también está allowed. 25. If someone is stuck / blocked by deco With hunter, I can not be killed Until I gets away. 26. In case of map limit, the hunter fight will be continued on a map hunter. 27. Can not cancel the cw a week Earlier, day time nor modify maps and rules.
  2. Your clan's website: How can we contact you?: xxgeraxx(Skype) Clanwar gamemode: DeathMatch Your clan name: Small Hustlers Crew Your clan tag: SHC// Date & hour: Saturday, 03.06.17 - 18:00 Hrs. CET Server where the clan war will occur: SHC// Small Hustlers Crew Clanwar Server How many maps will be played: 10 How many rounds will be played: 20 How many players will play: 5 vs. 5 mP' | Master Players: Maps • • • • • Players • • • • • Reserves • • • SHC// Small Hustlers Crew: Maps • • • • • Players • • • • • Reserves • • • Rules: • Every player from each clan is able to participate. • The max ping of a player is 280. • The minimum FPS of a player is 30. • If no one reaches the hunter, the furthest player gets the point for his clan. • If at least 1 player from each team reaches the same place and no one gets further, we will redo the current map. • If someone times out before the map starts, we redo the map. • If someone times out while the map is on-going, the round continues. • If someone is lagging too much, a reserve must replace him. • If the clan war ends with a draw, we will play one additional map agreed by both teams (from the clan war map's list) • No camping, no cheating, no shortcutting or any other kind of 'fraud'. If someone breaks any of those rules, he will be blown up instantly. • Insulting, swearing and provoking is not allowed and will result in a mute and possibly a kick out of the clan war without the possibility of replacing the kicked person. • Spraying a hunter is not allowed. • If someone spray's a hunter, the opponents get the point. (5 shots per 3 sec is the maximum, any number above 5 will be seen as spray and will result in punishment.) • Back shooting while getting the hunter is not allowed. • The team whose player got back shot, gets the point (previous rule). • Skipping nitro and repair pickups is allowed. • Waiting for nitro is allowed. • Back shooting is allowed after 10 seconds. • Players who get the hunter are able to shoot vehicles. • Spraying vehicles is allowed (previous rule). • In case of map time limit, the hunter fight will be moved into a hunter map. • In case of map limit or being to high to play, hunter fight will be moved into a hunter map aswell.
  3. Heyo all , welcome to the video of sandman ft me last work , this is kind of a new oldschool map , and well i hope u all enjoy it <3 Remember like , and suscribe to xrtor channels he is amazing map recorder, cya guys JackMartinez.

    Kristian's DELETE MY JR PLS

    1-What's your nickname(s), age and location?: My Name İs Can My Nickname in-game ^kristiaN.I have 15 years old and I Live in Turkey. 2-Your history in-game?: first game I saw playing my uncle's son, and the game I want to play Anyway, I installed the game and servers in navigating [Oo] called a DM / I found OS server, and that server me I got the self drew was no longer DM player, but I did not know anything about the game I knew only controls it w + s and similar others were not aware that I learned from talking with other controls and participated wants to participate in this clan was playing here now all but then I started to get bored in this serever and [HiVi] named were playing there a server with my friend and I play my play then I joined the clan and is now enjoying some reason the game I could not stop, and the game came up to wipe even was a time when I think 1.4.1 I deleted and wanted to reinstall I started very tired when I delete the game and even tried to install but imposed not after I installed a manner was 4 months re-uploaded so 1.5.2 that now is the time at that time I joined another clan most he now closes if you want to join this clan, this is my dream 3-Have you been in any clans?: [O.o]=Ownage Owls [HiVi]=Hivi Clan Dv|=Driver Whole ~PvS~=Pro Vegilled Skillers ~Lw|Lewin Stuck =KmZ=Kingz OF Mta 4-Why do you want to join SHC//?: because I love this clan had a very pleasant environment in which players I think loved a good clan clan is not a bad dm well as others in the clan and the top players it has also organized more than what you get 5-How can you help our community? DM hunter and I can help my ability I can help in these matters in order to end up doing v1 map 6-How we contact with you ? : my skype is:kristi.mta Bonus:My stunt video = [My last project] wait! new better stunt videos incoming. I'm sorry for my english is very bad DELETE MY JR PLS