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Found 1 result

  1. nitroxz1337

    JR by Nitrox.. for SHC[DM]

    + Your nickname in the game : NitroX + Who you are (age / location / studies etc.) : My real name is Borislav , but my friends call me Bobby , I am 17 years old. I was born in Bulgaria , Kjustendil. I study in a language school. I study 2 languages :English and Spanish + How long you've been in MTA? :I've been playing MTA since 2011 + Why you'd like to join SHC? :I find joining SHC as a very delightful experience , because that way I will make new contacts and maybe friends in the future. In my opinion SHC is a clan that has skilled players with fluent English. On the other hand I have 1 friend in SHC:Teodor aka BLTZ aka TeddyBear who is one of the main reasons for me making a join request for SHC. I would be honored if you accept me in your friendly family. + What gamemode do you prefer : I prefer playing modern DM + What you can add and/or contribute to the community/team :I am skilled in DM and can help you in cw's I'm a mature , friendly and communicative person. +My previous clans: SoA MT-Midnight Team of FOTL CSP - I was the founder of the clan MAD-kicked for inactivity after 1/2 years KekZ-closed KRO-kicked for inactivity PwN-closed Here you can see my old skills which I still have