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Found 1 result

  1. LazveGaz

    Former Members

    Username Country #TREMOR Russia Al-Fath Switzerland Anita Slovenia Armani Russia Aseem India AshenFall Turkey AsuS Spain Banshee Netherlands BarT Poland BaTTaNiK Germany Benox.exe Hungary Bombo Romania BrandoN Ukraine BriaN Hungary BudyA Ukraine CarmY Italy CoLiMi Poland Cozta8 Belgium CrazyGamer Bahrain CruSheXx Germany CrystalCastles Russia Daster Hungary Deadline Germany DeaT! Turkey DeHusky Italy DeSiRe Germany Dice Germany DJElliot Germany Dr.Crazy Italy Driver76 Germany eCco Ukraine Elmachito Chile EM1N3M Argentina Empty Croatia EndzeL Poland ExTr3me~ Germany F/\LT3N Israel Fastcola Norway FreeZon3 Turkey FreshX Germany GermO. Qatar GodLike Turkey GosK Italy Grazve Lithuania GrX Italy Holzhocker Germany InterFace# Russia Jannis Germany Japsii* Ukraine JellyFish Norway Jems Netherlands(?) JKM Belgium JoHn# Brazil Justice Czech Republic Kikito Portugal Kuki Uruguay Labeouf Turkey LazveGaz Turkey Leon Turkey Lisa Netherlands Lixie# Turkey Loca Italy Madlife Poland Marque Spain Martyz Lithuania MarveL Sweden MegaDreams Belgium miRa* Turkey Mon$TeR Czech Republic Mr.Green Croatia NaVi India Negativ Netherlands NiK3R Argentina No1se Ukraine NoX Turkey Osnet Argentina Padra!g Germany Pein United States of America Pibeee Chile PiMouZ France PriMeZz Germany Prototype Morocco PuNk Argentina PuppY Estonia Ravolt Turkey ReaZzon Germany Refresh Italy RevO Romania Roach Norway Sa|M|uelL France (Martinique) Sasi[N] Poland Saymen Morocco Sergo France Shooter Azerbaijan SK (Slime) Chile SKATER Sweden Sniper Germany SoundBeat Germany Stifler Sweden Stoprocent Poland Straight Switzerland Taonic Belgium Techial Norway TechnO Turkey Tete Germany Thunder Lithuania TiFiS Lithuania TNT Argentina TulioTC Brazil UltraZz Germany VaKKaS Turkey VeXaRe Spain VonKasty Spain Whit3 Italy Wimblady Poland(?) WodeN Spain WuW Turkey xVitaL~ Germany YoloGamer Lithuania NesoN Slovakia Trend Slovakia AlieN Spain Shenox Brasil Midget Turkey Plexy Austria Sazuke Venezuela AntrahX Norway Rambo Germany Tryhard Russia Girard Tunisia Strike Sweden Night Sweden Mira Turkey Sandman Venuzuela Menta Switzerland Athenian Argentina (Middle of the jungle) Toser Egypt Nissan Bulgaria Apollo Portugal Total: 129 Hall of Shame: Antrax / Baeza (Multi-clanning) CoVe^ (no reason specified) *Dice<~ (Double-crosser) ModesT (no reason specified) D1Kuba ( Double Crosser) QlimaX (no reason specified) Xeva (Double Crosser)