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Found 36 results

  1. ~Hemero!D~

    Numbers of shirt in Football

    This game should have 99 answers. You have to write gradually numbers of shirt what football players are wearing on their back (1, 2, 3, etc - 99) Write number, player name, photo like a evidence and next number So I will start with number 1 Peter Čech #1 Next is #2 Lets start..!
  2. nitroxz1337

    JR by Nitrox.. for SHC[DM]

    + Your nickname in the game : NitroX + Who you are (age / location / studies etc.) : My real name is Borislav , but my friends call me Bobby , I am 17 years old. I was born in Bulgaria , Kjustendil. I study in a language school. I study 2 languages :English and Spanish + How long you've been in MTA? :I've been playing MTA since 2011 + Why you'd like to join SHC? :I find joining SHC as a very delightful experience , because that way I will make new contacts and maybe friends in the future. In my opinion SHC is a clan that has skilled players with fluent English. On the other hand I have 1 friend in SHC:Teodor aka BLTZ aka TeddyBear who is one of the main reasons for me making a join request for SHC. I would be honored if you accept me in your friendly family. + What gamemode do you prefer : I prefer playing modern DM + What you can add and/or contribute to the community/team :I am skilled in DM and can help you in cw's I'm a mature , friendly and communicative person. +My previous clans: SoA MT-Midnight Team of FOTL CSP - I was the founder of the clan MAD-kicked for inactivity after 1/2 years KekZ-closed KRO-kicked for inactivity PwN-closed Here you can see my old skills which I still have
  3. BLTZ

    [DM] BLTZ's Join Request

    + Your nickname in the game : BLTZ^ + Who you are (age / location / studies etc.) : Hello, My name is Teodor, My nickname in Game is BLTZ^, I'm from Bulgaria, and i'm 17 years old. I like to play Football with my friends. I watch only La que se avecina this is Spain TV Series. + How long you've been in MTA? : Well. I started playing MTA back in 2012 with a couple of friends in the DDC Night server. The only gamemode i played is Deathmatch (DM). I played MTA for 2 years straight, then i took a little break from it. It wasn't really a long break because i came back after a couple of montsh (3-4). When i came back i started playing in the TG server with my friends. Now the only servers im currently playing in are the ER , TfF and FFS servers.I was in clans, clans like : +Clans I've been in : [FOTL] - ( Firestarters of the Land ) --> Left / Member FBi --> Closed / Member KoN - ( Kings of the Night ) --> Closed / Member TN - ( The Nightmares ) --> Closed / Owner UF - ( Unstoppable Fuckers ) --> Left / Member FaZe --> Left / Member SoA - ( Satan of Army's ) --> Closed / Member W\* - ( Wanderers ) --> Closed / Member HsK// - ( Hard sTyle Klown ) --> Closed / Member B5 - ( Best Five ) --> Closed / Member SoA! - ( Sense of Ability ) --> Closed / Clan Leader + Why you'd like to join SHC? : Because I want to meet new people, I want to enlarge my friend community in MTA.if there will be any tournaments or anything else I will try to always be there to help with whatever i can. + What gamemode do you prefer : DM / Hunter + What you can add and/or contribute to the community/team : I will try my best to help with anything i can at clan wars or tournaments. Contact Method: Skype: teodor.todorov95 Best Regards BLTZ^
  4. Lohas

    Join request

    + Your nickname in the game : Jibani + Who you are (age / location / studies etc.) : My name is Paul I'm 17. I live in Lithuania and I study in highschool. + How long you've been in MTA? :I started to play only because of DM servers. I played it for like 5 years then i had year break and came back to it again and know I,m playing casually. + Why you'd like to join SHC? : Because server community is very polite and friendly and it look's like one of the best servers right now. + What gamemode do you prefer : DM is my favorite + What you can add and/or contribute to the community/team : I used to create maps and I still remember how to do it.
  5. Tomba120


    The Clan That PWNS!
  6. alexclaroquesi

    Alexclaroquesi Join requests

    + Your nickname in the game : AlexClaroquesi + Who you are (age / location / studies etc.) :My name is Alejandro Villalobos im from mexico, i study System Engeenier + How long you've been in MTA? : i have a round 1 year playing mta , i used yo play in Latin Pro Gamers and also was member of the team , nowdays i play in EPG and FFS + Why you'd like to join SHC? : i would like to join SHC because i would like to Join into first recognized worldwide and i have good Friends in SHC Team , and i want to help new players of server to get in love with the team , and make a lot of friends in SHC Community + What gamemode do you prefer : OldSchool/DD + What you can add and/or contribute to the community/team : i can contribute good vibes , good playing stuff , nice skills and respect from all to all playes. <3
  7. Heyo all , welcome to the video of sandman ft me last work , this is kind of a new oldschool map , and well i hope u all enjoy it <3 Remember like , and suscribe to xrtor channels he is amazing map recorder, cya guys JackMartinez.
  8. AlvarO

    AlvarO's Join request

    Your nickname in the game: My ingame name is "AlvarO", but in real life just make a little difference, Álvaro. Who are you (age / location / studies etc.) As i said before, my real name is Álvaro, Im 14 years olds but soon I'll be 15, because my birthday is dated on 15th August. I actually live in a small city of Seville called Santiponce, it is a really relaxed place behind the countryside of seville, we have a forest behind the river of Seville called "Guadalquivir". I actually study but thankfully the highschool has end! In a future I'd study "Informatics Engineering" in Seville's university, I actually can script too because last year my uncle teached me to develop some scripts in java coding, I really enjoyed on it so I keep learning and days later I started to script in Lua (MTA:SA Coding). How long you've been in MTA I started to play long time ago, when I was 9, my parents made me a gift which it was a laptop, my cousin showed me MTA, I liked it a lot and he downloaded it on my new laptop. I started to play in the gamemode called "Play or Freeroam", it was really cool, but suddenly one day I discovered a server called XPG (Xtreme Pro Gamers) a latin clan where I made a lot of really good friends. After it discovered a server called ~TS~ (Twin Stars) where I tried my first join request, but sadly I wasn't accepted, some weeks later I had invited to a clan called aF// (Amazing Forces) because the leader was a really good friend of mine and I think I had the enough skills for make the clan has a good atmosphere after 4 months the clan die becuase my friend started the university and he havn't the enough time for lead the clan. A lot of time later, maybe 1 year and a half I joined RoH// (Riders of Hearth) where I made probably the best friend of my MTA carrer, Asus a.K.a (\rsilex, he teached me more Lua scripting and the differents behavior that a play should has, if I will be famous, is because him. ( #NoHomo) Sadly some months later, like 8-9, the clan closed because there wasn't the enought activity for as least have 10 players in our server, after this I was clanless too, but Asus asked me some months laters to reopen it, and make a new generation of gaming for RoH but not was completely good, because all the team mates again wans't actives and all the work was made by Asus a few more guys and me. Again the clan was closed but Asus bring me a new invitation for Emp// (Elite Master Players) which Vetor3x wanted him for scripting and a few more guys to let the clan go with a smooth rythm. There is where I started to develop a lot my skills, some guys like NesoN teached me to play hunter, I knew a lot of guys like PiKa, Michael, Vetor3x... whose momentum was incredible, they were everytime positive and funny too, but Vetor3x decided to leave MTA and close the clan. There I tried to join SHC// for first time with Asus but, he got accepted and I didn't, sincerily I always liked SHC//, Tomba is doing a good job with the leadership and the clan organisation (I'm not ass licking). But in this moment I decided to leave MTA and center on my joining to the highschool, this made a very interesting change in my real life, I had invited to the basketball team of Seville, my parents gave me a better computer, and many things else, I never though that study would make it. As i said after leaving Emp, I knew to Mystic, who invited me to EsR (Empire Street Riders) there I made again many friends and I joined here as main CW player and scripter, but I decided to leave some time later because the clan atmosphere wasn't going really good (many fights with me), actually I'm still speaking with Mystic and asking him how EsR is going. After this I took a break of a half year and returned to MTA, but suddenly I heard that PiA reopened the clan and I would like to join so I talked with Reflex for if I could join and successfully I joined but I made the biggest fail of my life, a thing that I'll not never forget, share internal datas to external players, I shared the new members votes and I got kicked by Reflex, there I end the best period of my life, a clan which is amazing and it awesome, it has a really good people inside of it, maybe the can't be the best at DM or Hunter, but they are really friendly and that's what I love PiA, but that dosn't matter, life goes on. And now I'm here trying to join SHC. Why you'd like to join SHC I really like this clan because of the good known players of the clan, I like the behaviour which Tomba takes, the excellent atmosphere and of course, the server and forum design and their great ease. What gamemode do you prefer I really prefer DM but if it's necessary I can play DD and Shooter, gamemodes where I find unconcerned. What you can add and/or contribute to the community/team I can help the clan with scripting, but I wont do it mainly I wanna be part of the DM squad, also I can moderate in forum, I'm actually having free time because of summer and I'd like to do something and don't be still. THANKS GUYS FOR READING MY JOIN REQUEST AND LET'S HOPE I GET ACCEPTED BEST REGARDS, ALVARO
  9. eiArmoa

    eiArmoa's JR

    + Your nickname in the game: eiArmoa + Who you are (age / location / studies etc.): I'm 16 years old from Russia (Belgorod).I'm in school + How long you've been in MTA: I'm playing in MTA since 2011 , but started playing at DM in 2012. + Why you'd like to join SHC: I know about this clan for a long time and I visited thought to be in it. SHC clan I like the fact that there is generally a lot of adequate players and there are skilled members. + What gamemode do you prefer: DM ofc + What you can add and/or contribute to the community/team: I am active player, i can easily helped on cw. + Last clan: |TSR| , |ED| , /AiR\ , eP!. Sry , my ENG is sux. Good Luck , be fun.
  10. Hello SHC Community! i will present to you this vol 4 by Naruto! , enjoy and thanks for watching! > Skype - Smyxter1 > Channel Click Here! *Download Link: > Mediafire!
  11. ForCe!

    JR by ForCe

    Nick : ForCe! Hi everyone, my name is Dominik and my nickname are Force, I'm 17 years old male from Poland , Rzeszów. My MTA career started back in 2010/11 and my first clan I ever joined was Polish Pro Clan I spent a few months in there and I managed to learn the basics of handling and controlling vehicles. I was also introduced to clan wars and fancy server scripts.Ever since joining DsH, I became more of a mature character with bigger objectives and goals that I wanted to achieve. Unexpectedly, everything turned upside down and without thinking a lot I decided to leave. I then moved to another community known as Fair Players. On MTA, I present myself with good behavior and fidelity. I am talkative,I can contribute to the clan through my good game of DD.. I like Trend my best friend , yankes , alf ^^
  12. Hello Community today i want to present my last Backward on Redrum - Follow me II .. Enjoy! ( You can help me with a like or your comment! i will be happy ^^...)
  13. StailoK

    StailoK here :3

    Hey guys How are you all? Hope fine C: Now i'll tell you some things about me o: Well, let's start :B My real name is Wilson o: (Yeah, like the ball of "Cast Away") I'm 20 and i live in Santiago, Chile. I'm in the 2nd year of Informatic Civil Ingineering in the University. I'm in a 3 and half year relationship. Her name's Sasha (not grey) I love playing football. Actually, i'm in the soccer team of my university o: I play mta since 2009 or so. I knew the first SHC sv :B with driver76, etc. i was in clans like: APS, ER, =FoR= (my 1st clan), TsW, and others which i can't remember xd I'm actually the owner of [xN] Nitrous Racing with Rabbit I love VideoGames like MTA ofc, and almost all the FPS games, Rocket League, etc. I would like make one :B Add me on Steam: xstailok And i don't know what else should you know o: Thanks for read ⤠See you around :B Skype: xstailok
  14. Hey guys, Today I will present my new map called: Celestial Landscape > Thanks! And Best regards to the community.. -Smyx Download Link:
  15. LazveGaz

    LazveGaz want back to house :)

    + Your nickname in the game: LazveGaz + Who you are: Well, i wanna write some things about me. My name is Bekir. I live in Zonguldak,Turkey. I am 19 years old and i am a student at high school. I am old SHC member as DM racer.(More info can be found here: ) + How long you've been in MTA: I started to play MTA at 2008. I play only gamemode DM. + Why you'd like to join SHC: Because SHC is my family. I learned friendship from SHC. When join to shc server i felling good, so i wanna join to shc family. + What you can add and/or contribute to the community/team: I am not an mapper and scripter but i am a really good dm racer. I can help DM cw's. Regards & Wishes : LazveGaz
  16. VeXaRe

    MTA BW Montage 9 ;D

    i hope you like it, and enjoy it ^^ >
  17. Smyx

    [DM] Smyx vol.4 - Anity Blast

    Hi Guys! Today I will present a video of my map Vol.4 Recorded by Andres:) > Thanks for watching!
  18. Join Request - Voltime Your nickname in the game: Current and past : Voltime, NNiF, ACeThundeR, ToXiC. Are you a mapper?: Yes, I have mapped for 3+ years with player(s) such as: NobeuS, Laksh, Subvive, SebaN, LUG, Never, Conquer etc. The maps haven't yet been completed as I either didn't approve or didn't have the time. I recently completed the map: [DM] Voltime - For the love of Shrekt, this map was an expression for my love for Rage's shrekt series. I can actually map at a very high standard in both track and decoration which in my opinion wasn't shown in the 'Shrekt map' due to it being a mimic in style of Rage. Hopefully I will soon be releasing some new maps and fts soon and upload them in SHC 2.0. Who you are (age / location / studies etc.): Hello, my name is Owen and I'm 14 years of age. I currently study in Art and Graphics Design; I also take the time to record in my YouTube channel and hopefully over time it will grow and grow. Whenever I can I play in the Small Hustlers Crew community to give out an impression, the formality and honesty in which I speak is to prove my commitment and maturity within the server. In my spare time I also work out and one of my other hobbies out of living on the SHC server is sprinting, I currently run the 100m sprint at a time of 12.22 seconds, just a little fact about me. How long you've been in MTA: Iv'e played Multi Theft Auto for a total of 7 years ( 2008 - 2015 ), which is half of my life and Iv'e played DM for 5 if I'm correct. So to get started my career in the MTA Community initiated back in a version of MTA which I seem to remember as 1.0 DP2.3 where I remember many betas and bugs however after the release of 1.0.1 etc. we where introduced to basic gamemodes and eventually deathmatch. The first server that I remember playing that had a respectable community was a server named mR| Team Gaming; shortly after playing this server I was welcomed into the clan with the nickname mR|ACeThundeR, I had moderator and was labelled server recruiter. In mR| Team the leaders where TurboCow, Monster and killsomebody, if I'm not mistaken I believe mR|MonsteR The next meaningful event was in a server named Wio Deathmatch, this was the server in which I played with the player currently known to be 'LiGhT' however then was known as LiGhTnInG. Although we played for a respectable amount of time neither of us where welcomed into the clan as being English meant not being able to join the clan, the server was German therefore the members where also. The server died so as a consequence of this event I moved on to find a new community, a new server. To follow I was welcomed into the nFS| community where I met the player known as 'PaRaNoID' who I became close friends with and once again after months of activity welcomed me into the clan. The nFS clan required skills above or equal to other clans of the time as we made active clanwars although I can't recall of such events due to personal circumstances I was faced around that time. Now I found the server named -[OP]- in which I met the 2 leaders: Shokkz and WW (WhiteWarrior). The two players welcomed me and gave me some competition and aspiration to the skill I wished to achieve in the future, I was also joined in OP by LiGhTnInG, Kamen, Mati_POL and PaRaNoID. To conclude the early stages of my MTA life I started to explore other areas of the game finding [XP] - Xtreme Players 24/7 Freeroam where I met many friends who I still speak to today and this server will never leave my memory as it had a number of nice scripts and a respectful community as did many other servers I found. I have a number of clans in which I have to mention however I'm sure you now have a basic idea of my MTA early career. Why you'd like to join SHC: I really enjoy my time in the server and have huge respect for SHC's Staff section, hopefully I could help maintain the servers high standards and with my social skills try to attract new player(s) to the server to have a great time with the current community. I have administrated in many clans and took position as most categories somewhere along my journey through MTA: Member, Mapper, Designer, Co-Leader, Leader. I hope to take advantage of those skills in server. I also enjoy my time with your staff as before hand I already knew some members due to my experience throughout MTA I have gained some recognition mainly with the nickname 'Voltime'. What you can add and/or contribute to the community/team: As I have already stated, I respect the SHC// staff profoundly and to be part of such a great team knowing it's history would just be amazing. I'd love to add it to my list of past clan(s) including: aR// UG -[OP]- HoT nFS| BsR mR| pR// and AMG. I can help the team with my administrative skills as mentioned in the 'Why you'd like to join SHC' tab and also I can help out with new ideas and recruit for the team, I have many contacts from my many years in MTA therefore if there's anything the team needed there's a high chance I'll know someone who could help out or if possible I will help out when I can. Thanks, Voltime
  19. FraN-724

    FraN-724's Join Request!

    FraN-724's Join Request for SHC. + Your Nickname in game. FraN-724 + Who you are (age / location / studies etc.) My name is Francisco, 16 years old, I born and live in Linares, Chile, Actually I'm studying in the High School, I like to spend my free time to stay with girls and to play or Mapping in Mta, also i like the rap, i like it, i can make some freestyles. I'm a active player i have classes in the morning but mostly i'm able to join in the afternoon, + How long you've been in MTA I'm in MTA since 2010! has been a long time since i played for first time. Of course it has been a long career too. I have stay in clans like: [TRD] The Revolutionary Dinasty. I was member and Scripter, i was with Antrax, SazukE and Timelock. vR| Valient Racers Member |VE| Victory Empire Member TxG| The xtreme Gamers Member >VIP< Very Important Players Member, My first time in VIP was almost 2 years ago i think, The original VIP, i was with SazukE and ModesT, In my last period i was in this new VIP. Just left it, prefer to don't say the reason. + Why you'd like to join SHC SazukE just convinced me to take a look on this community and my experience here has been greatest than i expected, i'm really in love with this clan, the atmosphere here is very nice, this is the clan that i've been looking for, And of course i'd like to stay with my old team mates once again. + What gamemode do you prefer I like Shooter, DM and Hunter but i prefer DM because i've dedicated my career in mta to make DM maps. + What you can add and/or contribute to the community/team The only i can bring to SHC is my mapping, Also i'm scripter, but as my mom said, too many hands on the salad already, i mean, you have already 2 awesome scripters.. Anyways, the last week sazuke told me about a incoming event in which he will need to customize some resources and make simple scripts, told me that he asked Leon but he is too busy about the 2.0 ! i can help like this for example, little helps when the bosses are working in some other stuffs. That's All! Thanks for taking your time to read this Jr. At last i will show you my latest and most popular maps. > >
  20. Kikito


    Release date: 26th April 2015 Yes... You're reading well my friend! We will be launching our fresh new server on Sunday, day 26th April! It's time to have this beautiful server on the open, breathing the fresh air, as well seeing some new people on it(It's possible) We didn't released the server earlier since We were getting a slow download rate from our server. Since this was causing several issues, inclusive the map not loading when We had more than 10 players online, We needed to came up with a new strategy. So, after migrating our forum for another server, this located in The Netherlands(~10ms difference from Germany, our server with the mta servers) and connected to a 1Gbit connection, We can provide faster download rates, since Our main server is less overloaded, so it can provide more resources for Our mta servers(YAY!). We'll be doing some public testing during this week, to maximize the performance of our scripts facing the Hardware resources We have actually available. These tests are not supposed to take the whole day, so don't think that You'll get loads of money there. Anyways.. even if you do, the account stats(money, points and rank) will be resetted 10 - 20 minutes before the server opening, so don't make plans using the money you have actually when the server opens. Well, that's all We have to say for now. Thanks, The SHC leadership
  21. FraN-724

    FraN-724's Intro.

    Hey I'm Joining the SHC Community Today! My Name is Francisco, I born and live in Chile I am 16 years old, I'm student on the High School, I like to make Rap and freestyle with ma friends. Hobbies? MTA, Music, Girls, Partys I'm active player but i play most on night because of the school days. You may Know me as Mapper, i will post all them here later anyways. I left vip recently and now i'm looking for a new home to play, i hope i could have a place here.
  22. VeXaRe

    VeXaRe's 2nd Join Request.

    + Your nickname in the game ^VeXaRe# + Who you are (age / location / studies etc.) Hi everyone, my name is Gonzalo, i'm from Málaga, Spain, I'm studying in the high school, i'm seventeen now, and in the future i want to study informatic... In my freetime i usually do Beatbox (As my Hobby), go out with my friends, or take the longboard alone listening music (Dubstep, Rock or Metal) + How long you've been in MTA I Start playing MTA in 2011, but i left it because i don't really like it (because i didn't have idea about anything xD...) and in 2013, in September i think, i installed it again and found the gamemode DM, and i really like it c: i need to say that i love the Shooter gamemode, hunter too ^^ + Why you'd like to join SHC I want to join in SHC because i saw that the clan is full of nice and respectful people, and i really like it... when i joined the first time in the server, i just saw skilled guys, and i was like: *-* + What you can add and/or contribute to the community/team i'm not a noob, i think that i can help someone in server, like blowning guys, muting, forbidding... I have a Youtube Channel so i can record cw's ( if it is needed ) i can help with.. i don't know, but i'm laborious. + I was in these clans: -FF// [XP] -/KoS\- eP! [APS] + Contact: My Skype is: Gon98gon. if you need something, just add me and i will reply you all so fast as i can. 1 of my videos ( the videos are usually Backwards ). VeXaRe MTA >
  23. I am proud to present my SHC join request v2.0! My Nickname in game and why I have it- Currently my nickname in MTA is LiGhT^. My nickname has evolved over time when I first started MTA in 2010 my name was LiGhTnInG and as I went along I found my name hard to fit color codes into my name. Therefore I became LiGhT^ and that is a name I have stuck with and will probably be the name I will have for the rest of my MTA life. Who I am (My Age,Location,My current studies)- My real name is Daniel and I'm from Manchester in the UK. I was born on 13.05.1999 in the UK. I am a fun, kind of guy who enjoys sports (especially rugby) and I also love Video games. I currently only have an xbox one which I play on very rarely as I enjoy PC gaming much more. At the moment I am very active usually playing 3-5 hours on a weekday and around 5-9 hours on a weekend. I am in my opinion very active so I do not think activity will be a problem when it comes to SHC. Also i'm a very determined guy hence I'm making a second join request as I will not give up on such an amazing thing so easily. At the moment I have a few exams to take care of but they never get in the way of my MTA life as I will not let them. MTA is a way of escaping from the high amounts of stress my exams cause so exams don't mean inactivity for me! What is your MTA life like? How long have you played MTA? The first server I ever joined was [XP] and it was a freeroam server which I really enjoyed playing however, I stopped playing there as I found a server called Wio//. Wio// was a race server, that is where I found my love for the [DM] gamemode I also met many german pros as it was a german server and its also the server where me and Voltime played together for the first time! I went on in MTA life to play in another server called nFs| (Need For Speed) where I met many kind people and first started being able to enjoy [DM] with a decent skill set. I then went on the play a server called HoT| which was another pro server with many kind and cool people in the server. Next, I went on to play a server called -[uG]- (Undercover Gamers) and this was one of my favorite servers ever in MTA! -[uG]- is the place I met Viper and another Norwegian guy called Panda who where 'I suppose' my first MTA friends. After -[uG]- Shut down I had an inactivity spike for a full year. When I came back from inactivity I played shooter in -ffs- for about a month but then I found SHC . I have actually played MTA for 3 years however I had a years inactivity spike as I said my, my inactivity spike was in 2014 meaning I have played MTA for 3 years (2010-2013). The reason I quit MTA was beacuse of the high amounts of lag I was getting on my old PC however I am back to MTA as active as ever with a new PC and i'm now loving it. #DahMTAGrind Why would you like to join SHC?- Firstly I love SHC, I love the server and the people in it. Everyone in SHC is so kind and such happy people. SHC has great respect in the MTA community and I would like help to greater the respect people have for SHC by being a kind and understanding person and helping people. What Can you contribute to SHC- I will always love SHC and I will never give up on it. If I where to get the oppertunity to join the team I would stick with it through thick and thin and overall I will never give up on SHC. Mainly I will contribute my time to SHC in server and in forum just as I have been doing for these past months. I would also be more than happy to partake in clan wars to help SHC. Also I'm always open to change and any role you need me to play in SHC I will be more than happy to do it. Any way I can help SHC I will! Past clans! nFs|LiGhTnInG HoT|LiGhTnInG -[uG]-LiGhT Thank you for taking your time to read my SHC join request. If you have any further questions feel free to ask! Thanks LiGhT^ My Skype is: lightning3210
  24. EM1N3M

    EM1N3M ft ? ft ? - ?

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  25. SHC Racing v2.0 Dear SHC community. 2015(Welcome to a New Year!) A new year has began, and before you read any further, we thank you for all the time you spent with us in Small Hustlers Crew, and we wish you a happy new year! Let's start As you may have heard, we are working on new version(multigamemode) for our main server. It's time we released some information about it! Let's start! Login Primarily, Our login system has finished. It looks like this; Lobby The lobby system is finished (NOTE: Background image can be changed), here is a screenshoot; SHC Radio system We also did a SHC Radio system. You can upload your favorite music to the server and listen to them while you are playing in our server! if you want to upload your favorite music, click the link below. WARN: Please follow the examples,otherwise your favorite music will be deleted!; REMOVED LINK![ Our Radio Manager will only upload ] NOTE: Do you want to upload your favourite song ? Contact our Radio manager! let's move on to some screenshots. Radio system window( Toggle key 'F7' ); Meanwhile there is a music notification window, If a song is started, the radio will display a notification looking like this; Arenas We have completed 4/6 of the arenas (Deathmatch, OldSchool, Destruction Derby, Hunter) We are currently working on (Race,Shooter) arena. Here is an example screenshot. Userpanel We are still working on the userpanel and we can't show an example picture of the user panel just yet. But it will come soon! Key F1; Lobby open/close F2; Vehicle fade/normal F3; Vehicle hidden/visible F4; Currently played music info F5; Toptimes (Deathmatch & OldSchool) F6; Currently played map info F7; Radio window F8; Console F9; Nothing yet F10; Nothing yet F11; Gta map on/off F12; Capture screenshot U; Userpanel C; Anti-Bounce ENTER; Training So just wait, Soon we will come back with a brand new server! For questions and comments, contact (Skype: aslanxkral27) Call it a day, cya Best Regards SHC Racing Leadership