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PuppY's Join Request #2 (CLOSED)

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Welcome to my JR #2 to join SHC

+ Your nickname in the game

Well I'm mostly known as PuppY, but sometimes I use PacT my name.

+ Who you are (age / location / studies etc.)

I'm 16, I live in Estonia, finished 9th grade in school, upcoming car mechanic.

+ How long you've been in MTA

I've been playing MTA since 2009, as I started in freeroam servers, One day I was surfing through servers to find something fun and found DDC Red. I played alot there and wanted to get better, but I never succeeded, because of my bad PC. After a shortwhile my friend showed me FFS. In the beginning I didnt enjoy it there.. But soon after I found myself playing FFS alot. Then I found xG where I met Dracula(Leader of DTR), we became great friends and he opened DTR(Down Town Racers). I wanted to apply for DTR, but never got accepted, so I opened -Fizz- myself. -Fizz- was succesful clan with loads of members. Frankly I closed it, because I didnt have time to really bother with the team. Then I went back to FFS as uknown person. I started making some friends there and we had loads of fun. Then I made a small donation to FFS which allowed me to get around 1mill.. and opened XoG(Xtreme of Gamers). The team was bad, because it didnt have loads of members. After I closed XoG, I joined team Hell The What, where I became inactive for 1.5 years. When i returned I had been kicked from the team. Then again.. I was looking for a server to play at, and found fts(Fuck The System). I made an application to be a part of the team and got accepted. Sadly the clan didnt last long and it closed. After that Apple invited me to join uG(United Gamers) where I wasnt very long, because of the low members in the clan and it wasnt enjoyable. Then I found SHC, and made application here, I got accepted. After 2 months of me joining SHC.. fts reopened and I was invited. I left SHC and became member of fts(Was a dumb move by me.). After a month and a half I left fts and was clanless for abit. Then I decided to make application to xS.. And you guessed it.. I got accepted. xS was alot of fun, but I left once again. Now I'm here making application to SHC again.

+ Why you'd like to join SHC

I'd like to join SHC, because of the loyalty of members and the fun that you guys can provide.

+ What gamemode do you prefer

I prefer DM.

+ What you can add and/or contribute to the community/team

I can take apart of CWs(need to practice hunter abit), help the community as whole, keep the server clean.

Thank you for taking your time reading my JR, hopefully you liked it.

Cheers, PuppY!

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