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Small Hustler Crew News #10

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Greetings fellow Hustlers. It’s with pleasure that I present to you our 10th news. I know that they were supposed to be out in the begin of October but I just didn’t have the time to write them. This last month and half were full of problems, but we still alive. Who would have guessed. 


We always try to give some response to the join request every month and this time it wasn’t different. We decided to accept 3 via join request and invite another.  Please welcome:
SHC// @AliveX# (Join Request) – We already have 2 Lithuanian guys, why not accept a 3rd?
SHC// @GuNzz (Invite) – Our second member from Chile. Joined for being friendly and champion on the world cup, he is here to help us with our clan war. 
SHC// @Exii. (Join Request) – Darkezi need some friends of his age, so here is one for him. 
SHC// @ZodiaK (Join Request) – The same way Darkezi needed a friend, Blitz and Xeva need another. We welcome our only Turkish member to the team. 

We also decided to promote some members. After a long time SHC// Toser was able to be promoted to Full Member. But he didn’t get promoted alone. SHC//Blitz and SHC// Xeva.

One thing that all team struggle with is trying to keep players with them. Sometimes that is not possible. We are sad to see Destroyer, Punitive and Midget leaving the team. Good luck in your future teams.

We have only played a clanwar. It was versus Saints and it was a shame we couldn’t bring the victory home. With final score was 10 -11, it was one of the closest clan war I ever played.

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