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Small Hustler Crew News #11

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Greetings fellow Hustlers!! While from the outside we may look like a dead clan, actual a lot of changes are happening a internally. So, this will be a small update on what is happening. 


 Let’s start with the new DD team. 
Most clans in MTA have at least a DM and a DD team and so we also decided to expand in to DD.  With Rutty and Tomba in the wheel, we accepted 2 new members to help us achieve glory. Those members are @Matrex and @ferfox

New members / kick / leave
Also, we decided to welcome back our old member @DarkPro. While he can be immature some times dude to his age, we though he should have a second opportunity.
However, we can’t forget the members who stay with us during this time of inactivity. So, we decided to promote @SNDY to full member. @HaQ got kicked because of his inactivity. 
Not everything is good. Toser as decided to leave the team in the hope of opening a team himself. We wish him luck. He clearly is a MvP guy.

Clanwars and clanwar team
About our DM team. Some weeks ago, we had a clan war versus Deserts, which was helmed by and old team mate of us Xevadish. While we were able to bring the win home with a team made of newbies in this type of wars, we were disappointed with what Deserts tried to pull off. Using an outside player to help them win a clan war, plus inviting a referee with the objective of deleting ours scripts after the clan war as over really saddens us. 
Because of that we decided to ban Xevadish for his behavior in the clan war and trying to cheat, d1kuba for playing in a clan war while being on FFS and using this clan war as away to take revenge on Tomba. Also, Xevadish and d1kuba we moved to the wall of shame and aren’t recognized as old SHC members anymore. The player Kube is also banned from this community for trying to use is power as referee to delete our scripts. For how the cw went, it wasn’t a hard cw. Tomba was able to win various 1vs 1 and 1vs X, and with Toser bringing the winning point to our team.
Also, I have the pleasure to announce that Tomba will take the role as DM manager in the future. 


SHC Leadership and Apollo

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