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Hello! My name is Daniel "gnx;s" and I'm a normal boy im from  Poland. 16y/o dude who really likes games like MTA or CS:GO. Besides school I very like to go tranning with my friends or I'm playing Basketball and footbol with friends. I'm currently searching for a nice DM community that I'll stay in for a long time. Throughout the years of my MTA career I have improved my skills and gained a lot experience. At this point I feel ready to apply for one of the best DM communities.

I could be very helpful in cw because it's a lot of training the maps, or also recording or making broadcasts from our cw I'm a very involved man and as I start something it has to end I know I can be fair to the players and be respectful.

In my opinion, I'm good at DM and hunter. I tried to get so more, and more experience in a both of gamemodes, expect this one I like to create some map, i'm a creative guy who's learning to all of them.

I started playing in the finish line of 2012, I had a very bad computer, playing 13 fps, I do not understand if I remember correctly, server not reserved "Hell Gamers Hg //" I played there as a month because I do not have to play More Why? This is not an event without credentials for five weeks and I did not know when playing, I found a toxic server The server was very good at this time, spent the whole day all day playing on this server for 2 years, Finding out collars, But after these two years I got bored of the race through fps and started playing Freeroam servers, played rover on freeroam servers, freeroam first server, i got to xX | INFINITY | Xx, I met many people and there I learned a lot about how Freeroam plays, On the server is still called Network Freeroam, I have many friends, early in 2015 playing 50 fps, hence Time to attend Freeram and returned to the race, the server started Playing with the computer was Steam-S- he improved my skills and came to much to be -S - for five months, I did not play Intermediate maps, old school and so improved, including Klana was my first c lan war, I was not upset, I did not win, but I was going to hurry, but after the clan war I was angry at several clan states - S- and I decided to leave the clan and started playing LXG (Latins xTreme Gamers), I played there for a week, while the LXG recruited, I am improving my skills on the hard map, In this clan met many Mili, but only 8 months in this clan, decided I left the clan because they fought, and I could not stand to see how they fought, and then I started playing on the TPS server (training Polish server) on this play to this day,

Hello! I am Daniel kirya, 15 years old, from Athle with WFPF. I started Parkour and Freerunning at the end of 2008 after I was inspired by my friends Robert *** and Mateusz w***. They started to do parkour in 2005 so they were the founders of Parkour in szczecin. Then I started to train with them and stopped my old sport (kick boxing Do and other fighting sports).

Since I started Parkour and Freerunning, everything in my life has changed, everything became connected to Parkour and I spent all my time with my friends from the team, all the time training and talking about the sport. My family worried about me all the time because they know it’s a dangerous sport, especially in Gaza. We were training in cemeteries and on the rubble of buildings because they were the only places that we found. Other places caused a lot of problems for us from the government because they were thinking we wanted to steal or some other foolish thing. 

and sorry for my bad english ;v




skype kirya kieya 

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