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FraN-724's Join Request!

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  FraN-724's Join Request for SHC.


Your Nickname in game.






Who you are (age / location / studies etc.)


My name is Francisco, 16 years old, I born and live in Linares, Chile, Actually I'm studying in the High School, I like to spend my free time to stay with girls and to play or Mapping in Mta, also i like the rap, i like it, i can make some freestyles. I'm a active player i have classes in the morning but mostly i'm able to join in the afternoon,




+ How long you've been in MTA



I'm in MTA since 2010! has been a long time since i played for first time.

Of course it has been a long career too.

I have stay in clans like:

[TRD] The Revolutionary Dinasty. 

I was member and Scripter, i was with Antrax, SazukE and Timelock.  :D

vR| Valient Racers



|VE| Victory Empire



TxG| The xtreme Gamers



>VIP< Very Important Players

Member,  My first time in VIP was almost 2 years ago i think, The original VIP, i was with SazukE and ModesT, In my last period i was in this new VIP. Just left it, prefer to don't say the reason.


Why you'd like to join SHC


SazukE just convinced me to take a look on this community and my experience here has been greatest than i expected, i'm really in love with this clan, the atmosphere here is very nice, this is the clan that i've been looking for, And of course i'd like to stay with my old team mates once again.  :)



What gamemode do you prefer


I like Shooter, DM and Hunter but i prefer DM because i've dedicated my career in mta to make DM maps.



What you can add and/or contribute to the community/team


The only i can bring to SHC is my mapping, Also i'm scripter, but as my mom said, too many hands on the salad already, i mean, you have already 2 awesome scripters.. Anyways, the last week sazuke told me about a incoming event in which he will need to customize some resources and make simple scripts, told me that he asked Leon but he is too busy about the 2.0 !

i can help like this for example, little helps when the bosses are working in some other stuffs.



That's All! Thanks for taking your time to read this Jr.

At last i will show you my latest and most popular maps.











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