Small Hustlers Crew

Small Hustlers Crew (SHC//) was originally created by PitJazz around 2007. He didn't lead the clan for long, so in 2008 Sniper took over it, and made SHC one of the biggest clans in MTA.

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The Clan That PWNS!

Small Hustlers Crew is well known for their great perfomance in DM/Hunter Clanwars. Their most important member is daniel#mrx, having played more than seventy clanwars.

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We are fucking back!

Finally after long break we are back ! Feel free to join our server and enjoy your every single moment in our server.

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Top 3 players

204513 points
133686 points
126287 points
Rank Player Name Money Points Wins Country
1xNroachy!2268677$2045131443flag Norway
2SHC//tomba#mrx1611576$133686538flag Czech Republic
3~[EPG]~Fastcola2451$126287730flag Norway
4Str.k3!935253$122145564flag Sweden
5i2K|SazukE#250706$110991306flag Venezuela
6SHC//FahAd789480$106685187flag Ukraine
7Punitive[FOTL]365658$101096724flag Turkey
8pemkzdaniel#mrx1198412$98470570flag Poland
9k-paX942$98034359flag United Kingdom
10Night673700$95453403flag Sweden
11madzera'ep43740$85300421flag Poland
12Dice<~40518$84098775flag Unknown
13SHCsm.eXe327196$81172482flag Poland
14#'Refresh//312297$70563540flag Italy
15SHC//Rutyy615761$69836122flag Lithuania
16/TfF\SK350590$68005317flag Unknown
17Naylonx223423$66831535flag Turkey
18SHC//Plugin450379$65246360flag Norway
19LovingMercury4016187$63416357flag Italy
20SHC//SilentScream58579$6049620flag Saudi Arabia
21SHC//RockZ!51145$60052338flag Germany
22ASeeM344645$57204229flag Unknown
23Marque|-XpR-|59540$54247215flag Spain
24SHC//Darkezi^53009$53898179flag Poland
25-Leon-64629$5357852flag Turkey
26Vento265230$51547353flag Unknown
27SHC//Midget527452$51070246flag Turkey
28SHC//SFX335075$49986102flag Italy
29SHC//NesoNmrx'697338$49891256flag Slovakia
30SHC//carmy65152$47466152flag Unknown