Small Hustlers Crew

Small Hustlers Crew (SHC//) was originally created by PitJazz around 2007. He didn't lead the clan for long, so in 2008 Sniper took over it, and made SHC one of the biggest clans in MTA.

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The Clan That PWNS!

Small Hustlers Crew is well known for their great perfomance in DM/Hunter Clanwars. Their most important member is TOMBA120, having played more the seventy clanwars.

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We are fucking back!

Finally after long break we are back ! Feel free to join our server and enjoy your every single moment in our server.

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Informations about whole tournament

Welcome, we’d like to introduce you to the first ever WFF tournament organized by SHC! where 16 teams will fight in a double elimination bracket for a juicy 150 euros prize pool.


How does Double Elimination work?

Everyone starts at the first bracket (winners’ bracket). After the first round, when half of the teams lose, they will be dropped down to the second bracket (loser bracket). When you lose 2 times in this tournament you’re out. So when you are already in the second bracket, and you lose another match, you will be eliminated from this tournament. At the end of the tournament, you have two teams left: one is the winner of the winners’ bracket, who have never lost and one is the winner of the losers bracket, who has just one loss. They will play each other; if the winners bracket team wins, the tournament is over. But if the losers bracket wins, they now have both 1 loss and they will face each other once again!


How the seed will work?

The teams will be divided in 2 groups, Champions and Challengers. In the Champions group there will be 8 teams that should be considered the best based on previous results, while in the Challengers group there will be the rest of the teams. In the first round Champions and Challengers will be matched against each other randomly, the winner of these matches will advance where the loser will be dropped in to the loser bracket.


How many maps will we play?

We will make a list of 50 maps total, every team is able to pick 5 maps of this list, so we will play 10 maps total every match. These maps will be played during the match, if the two teams got a similar same map chosen, then we’ll suggest both teams to pick 1 other map where they both agree about. Everyone is able to practice those maps in our training server.



30€ for whole team

Special pin on our website
100€ for whole team

Clanwar server for 6 months

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20€ for whole team

Special pin on our website

Tournament rules

  • General Rules:
  •     Every player from each team is able to participate.
  •     Each team will have to list the team line up a week before the said match is played.
  •     If a player changes teams during the tournament and he already played for another team, he is allowed to play for the new team if 62,5% of the team plus the organization agree on it.
  •     The matches will only be played at Fridays and Weekends.
  •     Every player will be able to apply to a referee position.
  •      If a referee belongs to a team, he will not be able to referee is own match.
  •      At least two referees per match.
  •     Referees will need to record the winner of each round in a file and share it with tournament organizers.
  •     Any kind of insulting, racism or xenophobia will result in a ban for the entire tournament.


  • WFF Rules:
  •    We play with anti-delay.
  •    If someone is lagging too much, a reserve player replaces him.
  •    If someone times outs before the map starts, we will restart the round.
  •    If someone times outs after the first 10 seconds of every map, we will continue playing.
  •    The cw players need to be warned in the case of them getting punished.
  •    If after all the main rounds, both teams have an equal amount of points (draw), we play the one and only additional round for the very last point (map that started the cw).
  •    First player to reach hunter wins 3, second wins 2, the third and fourth win 1 point.
  •    In case of two or more people failing on the same part, the players get the points in the same order they reached that part.
  •    We do not count with anti-delay while the map is running, only when it's obvious.
  •    A team has only 5 frees per match.
  •    Shortcutting is not allowed. That means skipping full parts of the track is not allowed.
  •    Skipping vehicle pickups is not allowed.
  •    Cutting is allowed. Everything that saves time without skipping full parts or vehicle pickups is considered a cut.
  •    Skipping nitro, repair pickups is allowed.
  •    Avoiding sliding is allowed.
  •    Doing backward parts forward is allowed.
  •    Saving up nitro is allowed.

Current maplist

  • [DM] Norbi - Untried III
  • [DM] Running is my life IV
  • [DM] Syku ft doggy - sincere
  • [DM] Micra v18 - Flawless
  • [DM] Rafinha ft. LemoN ft. Naval - We Just Wanna Run
  • [DM] SheNN - Give Up
  • [DM] Gteatero ft. Facuuzz - Torenism
  • [DM] ScoreX - Incendiary II
  • [DM] Darmos v3 - Goodness Gracious
  • [DM] VantaGe ft. Deadline ft. Royce - Dreary Mountains
  • [DM] Naval V10 - Eagerness
  • [DM] Cosa_Nostra ft. Skotinka - X-Games
  • [DM] Andro V8 - Unmissable
  • [DM] Gteatero ft. Shine - Dark Inception V
  • [DM] RuSO ft. GuilhermE ft. Nataam - Last Living Souls
  • [DM] Royce v1 - Unsurpassed
  • [DM] DizzasTeR ft. Techo - Unpretentious Innovation
  • [DM] CooN Vol. 1 - Serenity
  • [DM] silverfox v3 - Ember
  • [DM] creshez v4 - Chasing  Infinity II
  • [DM] Sebas v12
  • [DM] budya ft megan - ukrainian style
  • [DM] iraven v3 - Memories never fade
  • [DM] iraven - for the of brian
  • [DM] darius v2 - Simplicity
  • [DM] spectrum v4 - The Place of Illusions
  • [DM] neit v7 - Backlash
  • [DM] Naval ft. Nakezi - Unmatched Player!
  • [DM] TulioTC ft. Exodo - Magnetic Love III
  • [DM] norbi Vol.5 - Empathy
  • [DM] BrokeN v.6 - Relapse
  • [DM] Quantum ft. Negativ - Enemy Territory
  • [DM] Vortex Vol.11 – Time’s Vortex
  • [DM] Darmos ft. Swalox ft. DRiVeR - The Essence Of Speed
  • [DM] Fakedeath v7 - Blackout
  • [DM] Sk2 Vol.4 - Parachute
  • [DM] ookie ft. Corrupt – Inner Fury II
  • [DM] Nice ft. Mariana - Jandy
  • [DM] Gus v7 - Needed Skill
  • [DM] Deadline ft TulioTC ft Kuki ft BuDyA - Our SHC Style
  • [DM] Micra ft. Sebas ft. TNT ft. Cool - Sea Style III
  • [DM] Andro v9 - Revived
  • [DM] ShockWave-v7-Boundless-Passion
  • [DM] Gteatero - Dark Inception IV
  • [DM] Andershell - Pure Skill Paradise 1
  • [DM] Kucky ft. Tarin, PolakMaly - Azure Roses
  • [DM] Flash ft. sYKu ft. Cookie - Hard Fury II
  • [DM] ScoreX - Incendiary
  • [DM] BuDyA's -Vol9- A Day To Remember
  • [DM] Rafinha ft. SebaS - Skrillex II

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