Small Hustlers Crew

Small Hustlers Crew (SHC//) was originally created by PitJazz around 2007. He didn't lead the clan for long, so in 2008 Sniper took over it, and made SHC one of the biggest clans in MTA.

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The Clan That PWNS!

Small Hustlers Crew is well known for their great perfomance in DM/Hunter Clanwars. Their most important member is daniel#mrx, having played more than seventy clanwars.

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We are fucking back!

Finally after long break we are back ! Feel free to join our server and enjoy your every single moment in our server.

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Unstoppable Fighters Force
Team roster:
Team maps:
  • [DM] Gus v7 - Needed Skill
  • [DM] silverfox v3 - Ember
  • [DM] Andro v9 - Revived
  • [DM] TulioTC ft. Exodo - Magnetic Love III
  • [DM] Gteatero ft. Facuuzz - Torenism
02 of March of 2019
Time: 17:00 CET
Skilled Team
Team roster:
Team maps:
  • [DM] CooN Vol. 1 - Serenity
  • [DM] norbi Vol.5 - Empathy
  • [DM] Cosa_Nostra ft. Skotinka - X-Games
  • [DM] Darmos ft. Swalox ft. DRiVeR - The Essence Of Speed
  • [DM] Quantum ft. Negativ - Enemy Territory

Rounds table

  • Round 01